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Study: Sony PS3 Owners Prefer Gaming Over Sex

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298w ago - A recent [Register or Login to view links] of over 1,100 British men found that most of them preferred video games over sex.

Wait, what? Thankfully this study was of PS3 owners, that means Xbox 360, Wii and PC gamers still have some of their dignity intact.

To quote: 1 in 3 British men would prefer to play video games than sleep with their partner, with 72% claiming they'd shun their missus for the night to play a new release.

From a study of 1,130 British men, of those in relationships, 32% that said they would prefer to play video games gave reasons ranging from their "partner being hard to please" to the prospect being "not as much fun" as gaming.

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#16 - MrGenocide - 297w ago
MrGenocide's Avatar
Can't say I agree with that article very much haha. When it comes time to get "intimate"... hehe.

However I MIGHT agree that gaming WHILE sex is preferable

#15 - Falconhand - 297w ago
Falconhand's Avatar
you can play video games at any time you want, so put the controller down and get busy, she'll eventually get sleepy and go to bed...

Then Game your butt off.

#14 - sorceror - 298w ago
sorceror's Avatar
My wife's the one who got me my PS3, and I actually have chosen her over the PS3 many times. I guess I'm the wrong kind of 'hardcore'.

#13 - pierreyves28 - 298w ago
pierreyves28's Avatar
Mmmmm... i wonder if maybe they can do both at the same time ... you know .. to satisfy each others' needs

She can play with his joystick while he tries to sneak through some bads guys in MGS4....

#12 - ninjad - 298w ago
ninjad's Avatar
I still cant believe this... These men/women that choose gaming over sex need some therapy and fast!


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