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Speculation: PS4 could be Based on Cell Architecture

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324w ago - Some interestng speculation on ps3fanboy about the potential target date of the PS4 and cell processing. To quote:

Perhaps the PS3 was a bit too ahead of its time. The console was almost absurdly expensive when it launched -- and not just for consumers. In spite of an initial $600 price tag, Sony lost hundreds of dollars on every system manufactured.

The combination of Blu-ray drive and Cell processor made the PS3 a bit too bleeding edge, perhaps. A report from respectable Japanese site PC Watch suggests that Sony may be considering a cheaper alternative for the next-generation PS4.

Nintendo found great success (and profitability) with Wii by releasing hardware that was only marginally more powerful than the Gamecube. Sony may mimic that trend by having PS4 hardware based on the same Cell architecture as the PS3. Keeping the same architecture will help developers, many which have only recently come to grips with the complex processes of Sony's proprietary system.

However, one particular note in the report has us quite worried: according to PC Watch, the Sony wants to launch a new system, before the competition -- eyeing a 2011 release. With the PS3 still so relatively young, we'd hate to see Sony raise a white flag and move on to something new, especially when they've harped about the "10 year life cycle" so often.

Too soon of a hardware release could be seen as a betrayal by many, and could result in a serious backlash. For us, we'd love to get more time out of the significant investments we've made in our PS3 hardware.

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#5 - bartvangorp - 324w ago
bartvangorp's Avatar
Ok I have an idea for the PS4 but I think it will never happen.

The new cell is two times as powerfull and has 60% less power at the moment and we get a slim version asswel. So why don't they add 2 cell's to one console to have A console that is 4 times as powerfull and 4 times more effective and is 10% less comsuming then the first release of the playstation 3 console

They will have time to improve their system and have a system ready that is suittable untill the year 2022. By then the cell will be improved again and we will get a slim version of the ps4 like we ghet A slim version of the PS3 now.

#4 - PS3 News - 324w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sibbor View Post
As long as the PS4 is fully backwards compatible with the PS3 games I'm all in for a PS4.

Indeed, and although it's likely quite a ways off yet, we are too: [Register or Login to view links]

#3 - sibbor - 324w ago
sibbor's Avatar
As long as the PS4 is fully backwards compatible with the PS3 games I'm all in for a PS4.

#2 - pan0k - 324w ago
pan0k's Avatar
I don't see why not. As I recall, cell processor was designed to be able to network together to be a better system. So it seems to be logical that the PS4 should have more cell processors. Plus by that time the processor should be faster than the current 3.2 ghz.

#1 - parkerparker - 324w ago
parkerparker's Avatar
I don't think this is the "typical" sony. Sony have always been cutting edge and have always profited from that.

i'm sure their next console will be a goliath.


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