Speculation: No Ultra HD for Sony's Next-gen PS4 Console?

180w ago - While Sony previously confirmed that developers will play a key role in building their next-gen console which is expected to arrive after the Microsoft and Nintendo counterparts, today PS4Sony.net (linked above) speculates that the PS4 won't include Ultra HD support.

Based on specifications from WiseGeek.com, they surmise the technology just doesn't seem feasible for next-gen consoles including the PlayStation 4.

To quote: "Today, Full HD offers up a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, whereas the new you-beaut Ultra HD offers a whopping max resolution of 7680 x 4320!

Ultra HD poses numerous practical problems for manufacturers seeking to bring the new format to consumers. The uncompressed video and audio recorded in ultra HD takes up high volumes of storage space - 3.5 terabytes for one 18-minute clip, requiring a hard disc weighing almost 600 pounds (272 kg).

The prototype ultra HD screen can use more electricity than an entire house might in one month. An early ultra HD camera weighs more than 100 pounds (45 kg).

I don't know about you but something just jumps out and screams "not enough bandwidth" in this picture. Even if Sony's new 1TB disc surfaces over the next few years, that's only sufficient enough to store a massive 6-and-a-bit minute Ultra HD movie!

Don't expect this technology to be anywhere close to be implemented within your PS4 console, regardless of Internet hype."

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#1 - PS3 News - 180w ago
I'd say I have to agree with their Ultra HD speculation for PS4... the way I see it, we will probably be still adapting and using HDTV for at least another decade or more.

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