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Sony's PlayStation 3 Console is Where it is Because of You!

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314w ago - When people were clammering about how they don't care about backwards compatibility, then when it was cut and people whined, we kept our mouth shut.

When 360 announced they will allow games to be copied to the hard drive, much like the PS3 has done from day one, we didn't say anything. But, we feel it is time to speak up.

The Game is Called "LET'S COMPARE"

So you think your 360 is great? Ok, we can agree with you. But lets compare apples to apples here. What does it take to get your 360 up to par with the PlayStation?


First off, the 360 has dropped its prices considerably, the least of which is sitting at $199. Not half bad. But to truly enjoy the services Xbox 360 can offer you, what do you need?


Base price: $400
WiFi: Free
Online: Free again
HDD: 80Gb Included
Component: $25
TOTAL: $425


Base price: $200
WiFi: $100
Online: $50
HDD: 60Gb $100
Component: $50
TOTAL: $500

This list is simply the bare necessities needed to experience both consoles the way they were intended to be experienced. As you can see, the 360 is MORE MONEY! Some may argue that the WiFi is simply unnecessary or that the hard drive doesn't matter. Well, games are downloadable to the drive now on 360 right?

You think that a memory card is going to cut it? You can't even save the NXE on a memory card. A 20Gb hard drive won't get you far with games averaging 5-8Gb each. A 60Gb is the cheapest solution that will last for a short time at least right?

The PlayStation 3 gives you 80 to start with, and if you choose, you can upgrade your drive without having to pay first party prices. For instance, our office has a 320Gb drive in our PlayStation 3. Cost us $107. the 120Gb counterpart for 360 is $149. See a cycle here? Enough about cost comparison, lets move on to compatibility.


From day one, gamers complained that the price of the PlayStation 3 was too high. Do you remember when Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo came out? back when Milk was around $0.75 a gallon and kids could play outside without worrying about gangs and killings? The systems sold for $200 in 1990.

If you go off inflation, that price today would be $330, not that far off from the price of the PlayStation 3 today. Back then, that was a lot of money to just play games. Nowadays, it is more than gaming, in fact the Playstation 3 is a complete media center that could potentially replace a home computer.

The PlayStation 3 offers Linux Yellowdog compatibility, allowing everything from word processing to hosting servers. Heck, you can even hook up a printer to it and print off you favorite photos you have copied to it via the memory card reader. You can watch your favorite video clips or download new ones via Divx or the PlayStation Store.

Let's talk games, the original PlayStation 3 offered gamers the ability to play all PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games on it, with the exception of a few. This allowed gamers to seamlessly transition into the new gaming era with little concern of losing there old favorites that they still play or having to keep multiple consoles around.

On this same note, when Microsoft launched the XBox 360, it was less than 6 months into the new system's cycle before they completely dropped support and production of games for the older console. Sony mind you, is still supporting the PS2, two years into the life of the PS3.

Late adopters to the next generation of PlayStation will find that they are not able to play their old games on their brand new PlayStation 3. Heck, many gamers won't have the convenience of memory card slots to assist in transferring their home pictures into their Playstation 3, or moving their gamesaves onto an SD card.

Why is this? Because of whiny little fanboys such as CNN, Washington Times, and Cinema Blend that just enjoy to write about things they know nothing about. When was the last time you heard CNN write a review on a video game, or even mention the gaming industry on anything other than numbers? They don't.

So what would entice these journalists to write a lame article about gaming when they have not kept tabs on anything the industry has done in the last 3 years? The only argument that these companies can stand behind are sales figures. If you recall, the PlayStation 3 has outsold the 360 over the last few months, even with a higher price point.

The reason the system has stripped so many things that nobody apparently cared about until they were gone is because people demand a lower price, and the only way to give people what they think they want is to cut out the things that matter least.

So the price of the console drops from $600 to $400 and continues to create some of the greatest content to ever grace a gamers living room. With this price point and everything included, it is still cheaper than a 360 and gives you more bang for your buck.

The hardware is also solid, there are very low failure rates with the Playstation line, probably because they are more concerned for the gamer than to rush a product to market before it is stable.

This is not a rant as to why the PS3 is better than the 360, or vice versa. This is a statement. If you can't appreciate the value in a PlayStation 3, then leave it be, don't buy one. If your job doesn't pay you enough to afford one, then move along. Save up and get one when it's right for you.

If you have a 360 and you think you are god because you can play Halo and Gears of War and that's all you need in life, good for you. Then don't experience Metal Gear Solid, Resistance 1 or 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Wardogs, Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Motorstorm, Ratchet and Clank, Jak & Daxter, MLB 08/09 the Show, SSHD or WipeOut HD.

Not to mention the amazing High definition capabilities of Blu-ray in the Dark Night, Hancock, Wanted, or Independence Day. If you do experience those movies, then you obviously have a Blu-Ray player or you mooch off a friend that does. If this is the case, Why not buy a PS3?

The point is, I am tired of this price argument. The price is not bad in any sense of the word. in fact, you get more bang for your buck with a Playstation 3 than any other entertainment hardware currently on the market, with the exception of a high end computer. With true 1080p high definition (not an upscale like some other systems) you can have a true, legit HD experience for pennies on the dollar, as well as have a killer gaming system with untapped potential.

Those of us that own the console, it is an honor to be among the elite, who have invested our hard earned dollars into a product that will not only provide endless hours of gaming enjoyment, but also pull our families closer together with family pictures, video and awesome movie nights in prestine High Definition.

There is not a wrong choice in gaming, and those of us who demand more for there hard earned earned dollar know what investment is for us. I think I've said my piece for now.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#11 - zendude - 312w ago
zendude's Avatar
i feel proud for helping playstation myself

#10 - davidletterboyz - 313w ago
davidletterboyz's Avatar
I have a PC and I used to own an Xbox 360. Sold it after a few months, and just picked a PS3 two days ago . So far, it seems solid.

#9 - adrianc1982 - 313w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Yeah value really shows with the ps3 in all aspects, and the exclusives are really incredible, Ive seen a trend in my games and 90% of them are exclusives, so yes we have quite a few exclusives not just a little.

But we cant fool ourselfs with one thing and im a ps3 advocate, price DOES matter guys. The 360 you are comparing the ps3 with is the arcade or CORE or BASIC or whatever which usually tends to be more expensive if you want it to be on par with the ps3 or the elite xbox360s.

Manufacturers actually give you more value with each extra dollar spend because its all about economics, but still the 360 has a core unit and we dont, a unit that can be purchased and can be upgraded over the course of time, you dont have to buy an arcade and all those upgrades the same day which gives the 360 arcade buyer an advantage(can you tell me im wrong on this?).

So being a ps3 lover and a fan, but also like to see the truth behind all aspects sony needs to learn from MS and offer a stripped down ps3 with no harddisk, memorys, wifi, and sell for $250 dlls. Sure maybe this is not the best setup for a ps3 since you need to install some data on some games or download patches but if the user wants more of its ps3 he can start upgrading whenever he believes is time to.

The best experience is the ps3 and no one can take that from him but get real guys this rant feels sometime self motivated because no one loves the big black box (other than us hehehe)

#8 - Komodo1138 - 313w ago
Komodo1138's Avatar
I just finished reading your post. And i got to agree. I just picked up my PS3 80gig System about 2 week ago and i am loving it. I also have an Xbox 360, and ya there are some good games for it but there are also some kick a$$ ones for the PS3.

The most important thing i like about the PS3 is having the ability to play blue-ray movies. Look at when the HD-DVD and Blue-ray war was going on. If you wanted to play HD-DVDs on your 360 you had to buy an external player. That was like what about $250 (just a guess). Now i am happy i did not buy one because that would of been a waste of money.

Also another bonus for the ps3 is that you don't have to buy a separate rechargeable battery pack. With the 360 you can have 2 x aa batterys or buy the battery pack. So that costs more money

#7 - H4rdWear - 314w ago
H4rdWear's Avatar
This is all true, but lets not forget the ps3 is positioned in the begining of its life just as the 36 is nearing the end of its life.. we havent even scratched the surface of all the ps3 capabilities.


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