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Sony Unveils PlayStation Suite SDK Developer Program Presentation

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144w ago - Following up on our previous article, this weekend [Register or Login to view links] has made available a [Register or Login to view links] slideshow of their Developer Program for the PlayStation Suite SDK.

To quote: Thank you very much for your interest in the Developer Program for PlayStation Suite (PS Suite). The Developer Program for PS Suite will provide content developers PlayStation Suite SDK (PS Suite SDK), a set of development tools and software libraries.

We will release the open beta version of PS Suite SDK to content developers in April 2012 and the official version later this year. Contents developed with the official version of PS Suite SDK will be distributed through PlayStation Store and can be enjoyed on PlayStation Certified devices, as well as PlayStation Vita.

Please refer to the GDC 2012 presentation slides (PDF 4.7MB) for details.

Finally, from tthousand via PSX-Scene (linked above) on the SDK contents:

PS Suite Studio (IDE based on MonoDevelop)

  • Debugger
  • Project Template

PS Suite UI Composer (UI Design Tool)

  • Simulator
  • Library (Core APIs, High Level APIs)

C# Toolchain (compiler, linker, etc.)

  • Documentation
  • Development guide

  • API Reference
  • Samples
  • Demo Games, Demo Applications
  • Note: Currently, only Windows environments are supported

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#12 - inginear - 144w ago
inginear's Avatar
too bad you have to have a vita or certified device. now, if this would work on the older psp i'd be on it like white on rice.

#11 - dante489 - 144w ago
dante489's Avatar
too good to be true!! i hope Sony don't screw it up with no gpu access or something!!

#10 - jarvis - 145w ago
jarvis's Avatar
I must say I am really surprised to see this - pleasantly surprised. I really think this is a win/win for Sony and their customers. If Sony produces an SDK that will allow me to write my own applications for the Vita, without any stupid restrictions like no access to the graphics chip or something dumb like that, I may actually purchase both the Vita & the SDK.

I'll hold out for a little while cause this is Sony after all, I'm just waiting for the catch. Assuming it works, I think this is fair and a really smart move (no pun intended) by Sony. They collect a small license fee, and I can write/install my own applications on the hardware I purchased. I like it. That would negate any need for custom firmware and finding exploits in my opinion.

I also think $100 is a fair asking price for an SDK/license. This will also help others learn, and possibly give them a foot in the door of a more established development house. Having more developers that want to support your ecosystem is beneficial to Sony.

If there is a catch though, you remain on my no purchase list Sony!

#9 - Transient - 145w ago
Transient's Avatar
They should drop the $100 annual fee to attract the home and student developers. Google only charges a one-time $25 fee, which is really only in place to discourage junk accounts. If they do this right, they can turn the homebrew community into a money maker. I'm curious to see how difficult it will be to port from Android to Vita.

#8 - daveribz - 145w ago
daveribz's Avatar
Wow, FINALLY a cheap way to develop official games/homebrews on PS devices. Can't wait to see CSPSP on the Vita


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