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Sony to Officially Open PS3 and PSP to Third-Party Applications?

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264w ago - Last week's Media/Investor Conference indicated that starting in 2010 Sony may officially open its PS3 and PSP platforms to third-party applications.

Sony also recently launched a Digital Comics Reader application for the PSP and PSPgo consoles.

Today Gamerzines.com (linked above) expands on that notion as follows, to quote:

"Sony has always had an unusual relationship with third party software (we're not talking games). The PS2 explicitly allowed the running of Linux on it.

The PS3 came with Linux support, which ended up with some institutions buying PS3s in bulk in order to run them in parallel as a cheap sort of super-computer (there's no cheaper way to get the Cell chip, apparently). Then Sony removed the Linux option from the PS3 Slim.

Sony has constantly battled with homebrew on the PSP. It has always been in the name of piracy, but the end result has been that it has been impossible to run third-party applications on the PSP, and the ability to do so on the PS3 has effectively been removed.

It was therefore a little surprising to see just how the Digital Comics feature has been implemented on the PSP. Although you need the latest firmware installed, the comic reader isn't part of the firmware. Instead, you have to manually download the software to a folder you create on the PSP called "APP".

The look and feel of the comics app isn't all that in keeping with the PSP itself, and it launches as a "game". It looks like a third-party developed application, though the support and distribution are official. However, appearing in the "Extras" menu, it has us wondering what other "Extra" apps we might get."

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#6 - ProSkillz21 - 264w ago
ProSkillz21's Avatar
So does this mean we can expect a program akin to XNA for the playstation 3?

#5 - Poopsqueege - 264w ago
Poopsqueege's Avatar
When I think of homebrew I think of true ownership of a system... Having the ability to change the system in any way that one wants and add functionality without being dependent on the developer make software that they want.

I don't think about piracy being a big part of homebrew although that is something that always happens when homebrew is released. Homebrew to me is an awesome way to play new games for free-games hat others have made and share with a homebrew community, not stealing games that can be rented from blockbuster for 2 dollars.

#4 - Kraken - 264w ago
Kraken's Avatar
I expect to see more apps like this, however, they will be things like Facebook and Twitter, and Sony is going to keep a tight leash on it. I don't expect to see anything resembling homebrew.

#3 - Solfegieto - 264w ago
Solfegieto's Avatar
I think that if Sony does implement support for 3rd party, it will only be on purpose for open piracy barriers.

#2 - Joseph Stalin - 264w ago
Joseph Stalin's Avatar
Well, it may turn out to be something very interesting. But on the other hand I don't think Sony is that dumb to make homebrew possible on the PS3.


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