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Sony Refuses to Replace Backwards-Compatible PS3 Consoles

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297w ago - A TAWKN (linked above) user who goes by dn2500f has had his 80GB PS3 with backwards-compatibility at Sony's repair center in Ontario, Canada for three weeks now.

Sony apparently only offered to give him a new model 80GB PS3, which does not include PS2 support (over 1,900 PS2 games that he can no longer play).

To quote: Today he called in to get a status update and was told that it was beyond repair, and because Sony doesn't make that model anymore they can't replace it... despite the fact that he bought four years' worth of Sony Care extended warranty for it, for a total of five years.

They offered to give him a new model 80GB PS3.

He argued with them that he is not just losing a PS3, but PS2 support (that's over 1900 PS2 games that he can no longer play), extra USB ports, plus the built-in card readers. Sony's reply? Too freaking bad. (Not a direct quote, obviously).

This guy is very angry at Sony, and rightfully so. They didn't offer him anything but a far inferior model than what he bought about 12 months ago, which he says is unacceptable - and I agree.

At the VERY least, they should be trying to make up for this to him and other users who paid $100 extra for a console that has only one life left to live.

If I were in his situation, I'd be demanding either a few good free games, or a consolation package consisting of: a USB hub, USB memory card readers, PS2 slim, and PS2 component cable.

"If I wanted to go through this much BS, I would have bought an Xbox."

Ouch. Understand, I've talked with this guy over the years, and he was instrumental in my own purchase of a PS3. If Sony doesn't remedy this in some manner, I don't think he'll be helping sell their products anymore.

Of course, if they released a firmware tonight with complete software-based PS2 support for all PS3s, then the blow might not be so bad.

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#9 - mega1 - 297w ago
mega1's Avatar
This is bad support from Sony, I got my first 80G unit at lunch. One of the major reasons to get it was the back compatibility and the additional usb and memory card ports. The second unit I got was the MG4 package that was the last version of the 4 USB and memory card reader unit they sold.

Sony must repair this units, not exchange for something new that dont have the same capabilities of the actual product they sold me. If they going to replace it, the most offer a unit with the same or more capabilities that the one is damage, in this case is not.

This can be a bad PR for Sony. I will be really mad and maybe look for a lawyer.

#8 - D3M0N2009 - 297w ago
D3M0N2009's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Nairb View Post
How is this possible? This guy just got his backwards compatible one.

He did not get his own back.

Maybe they had some back stock lying around, remember that the guy in this post sent his to a service centre in canada, whereas the other guy probably sent it somewhere else.

#7 - Nairb - 297w ago
Nairb's Avatar
How is this possible? This guy just got his backwards compatible one.

He did not get his own back.

#6 - Ulyss - 297w ago
Ulyss's Avatar
I also have a PS3 to send for repair, same story... I already bought the new 80 Gb version without card reader, PS2 support, no Piano finish and chrome as I couldn't wait to get a replacement, and damn, it sucks so bad.... I want my old model back too, and now that I read this thread, I'm afraid I shouldn't send my old unit for repair

Wonder how it'll cost me? (as it's not under warranty anymore) Guess I'll have to fix it myself! Wich I already tried... but I keep getting green squares in my screen, overheating problem I'm sure... Changed the thermal paste, nothing will do, and now it won't even boot at all. I even bought a replacement heat sink compartement on eBay and it didn't do either. I'm sad!

#5 - toughguy - 297w ago
toughguy's Avatar
Thank god that I got 4 60GB PS3 so I am cover in the long run. I think the quality of PS3 is better for old model. The material used on old PS3 is better than the new model. To me Sony cut some corners on newer PS3. I remember someone post a article that do the comparison on launch PS3 and newer model and the component count differ almost by a 1000.


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