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Sony Q2 2010 Sales Data: PlayStation 3 is Up, PSP Slows Down

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217w ago - Sony's Q2 2010 sales data [Register or Login to view links] for the quarter ending September 2010 have arrived with PlayStation 3 up and PSP slowing down.

Despite a fifty percent drop in PlayStation Portable hardware sales, the company's finances are looking good with Sony raising its full-year profit forecast citing demand for video games and computers according to [Register or Login to view links].

To quote from Examiner.com (linked above): "Sony's PS3 has also closed the gap in worldwide sales against Microsoft's Xbox 360.

WorldWide Sales:

•Xbox 360: 44.5 million
•Sony PS3: 41.6 million

While both figures are impressive, Sony has had a stronger 2010 than Microsoft with over 8.1 million PS3s sold compared to Microsoft's 5.8 million Xbox 360s. Microsoft currently has a strong grasp on sales in North America, but Sony is selling well in Japan, while PAL regions the race is still close.

With Microsoft's release of Kinect in just a couple weeks, Microsoft should keep the lead if sales remain strong in North America; however, Sony has the release of Gran Turismo 5 to draw gamers in with."

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#8 - seanyong - 216w ago
seanyong's Avatar
I think we're past the 10 year cycle, the PS3 may be in sales for 10 years, but they will not wait 7 years untill they drop PS4 or w/e. In 2 or 3 years PS4 is going to drop... If Nintendo reveals Wii HD or Super Wii ^^ or Wii2 or w/e they're going to call it , by the end of next year, with better graphics and god knows what Nintendo will think of next, it will not take much for casual players to switch!

Think about it... the multiplatform games with same graphics for wii, but 3D will be smoother, Mario HD 3D... All the other Nintendo Exclusives in HD with or without 3D, Blu-Ray... Internet support from the get-go, motion controllers + "the god knows what nintendo will do next" , it wont take me long b4 i buy it.. not switch... but def buy!

And god please don't let Microsoft drop their next console b4 Sony, it would just not do good 4 Sony (Only if Sony has something amazing planned.. then who knows).

p.s. I do like Xbox, i have it.. had All 3 consoles , but i sold my wii cuz of "major dost collection" that was on it and just bought another PS3.

#7 - dinzy - 217w ago
dinzy's Avatar
There are many things stopping them from releasing another console in 2 years. The first is cost.

They could circumvent that by making a ps3.5 that has marginally better graphics with games compatible on both platforms. Nintendo would need to wow people a lot to force sony to upgrade.

#6 - seanyong - 217w ago
seanyong's Avatar
They do have the 10 year support policy, but nothing is stopping them from releasing their next console in 2 years, i think they need to get it out before Microsoft, but Nintendo will do it 1st no doubt, i think it's in the works for some time now, let's see what Nintendo will do first.. will be interesting if you ask me ^^...

#5 - Itsmattylol - 217w ago
Itsmattylol's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by phancao View Post
Does anybody know how long Sony will keep the PS3 before they release the next generation now that they're making a profit on it?

Probably another 3 - 4 years.

Sony support the consoles for at least 10 years (sure i've seen it said on here).

#4 - B4rtj4h - 217w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by naveenr View Post
hardware sales could have increased also due to JB, sony should thank hackers...

I agree 200%! Consoles that can be hacked sell much better then uncrackable consoles!


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