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Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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96w ago - Today Sony Japan (linked above) and in North America have issued a [Register or Login to view links] against unauthorized software resulting in the start of a PS3 ban wave with PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users receiving error code 8002A231.

Below is the Press Release, as follows: "Consumer Alerts - Important Notice: Access to the PlayStation Network and Access to Sony Entertainment Network Services

Dear valued PlayStation 3 customers,

Unauthorized software for the PlayStation 3 system was recently released by hackers. Use of such software violates the terms of the "System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System" and the "Terms of Services and User Agreement" for the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

Violation of the System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 system invalidates the consumer's right to access that system. Consumers running unauthorized or pirated software may have their access to the PlayStation Network and access to Sony Entertainment Network services through PlayStation 3 system terminated permanently.

To avoid permanent termination, consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PlayStation 3 systems.

In order to help provide a safe, fair, online environment, consumers who we believe violate "Terms of Services and User Agreement" for the PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network or the applicable laws or regulations of their country or region risk having access to the PlayStation Network and access to Sony Entertainment Network services terminated permanently."

Those who are a victim of Sony's PS3 banhammer have received the following message in their e-mail after trying to sign in:

"Access to the PlayStation Network and Access to Sony Entertainment Network Services has been terminated.

PlayStation Customer: Notice: Unauthorised or pirated software has been detected on your PlayStation 3 system. This use has violated the terms of both the “System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System” and the “Terms of Services and User Agreement” for the PlayStation Network/Sony Network Services and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

As a result, your Sony Entertainment Network account has been permanently banned and access to PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network services through your PlayStation 3 system has been terminated permanently."

Below are some related PS3 PSN error codes (via pastie.org/5364247) for those interested:

## Banned


## Blacklisted


## Suspended


From bigfishbad comes a potential SEN ban evasion method detailed below as follows:

How to Change Your MAC Address and Unban Your PS3 Guide

If you have ever been banned from PSN or if you get banned for using CFW this will unban your PS3, basically Sony can't ban us.

  • Downgrade to 3.41 OtherOS++
  • Install Chaos Air Bringer (read the readme)
  • Change your mac?? (you need a REAL mac address, just go on YouTube and use one who put a video of a fake CFW)
  • Update to 4.21 CFW and enjoy online again people

Anybody on 3.55 skip this part, anyone below or above 3.55 downgrade/upgrade back to 3.55.. you will need to go to here: [Register or Login to view links]

Download their 999downgrader and REBUG 3.55.3 REX EDITION

Update from XMB with their 999downgrader. After its complete install 3.55 OFW from recovery. Then update to REBUG 3.55.3 REX EDITION from XMB.. it might be the wrong way to do it but that's how i did mine.

Everyone that is on 3.55 you need to be on REBUG 3.55.3 REX EDITION (i was at the time).. first thing you would want to do is go to system settings and get your MAC ADDRESS and write it down somewhere because were going to be changing that and if you can't rememeber it your real mac may be lost for ever. Now you have write down your mac.

Download these apps: [Register or Login to view links]

Install these 2 apps on your ps3 and rebug toolbox (its in the 3.55.3 CFW) (rebug toolbox is at PACKAGE MANGER/INSTALL PACKAGE FILES/PS3HARD DISK) and start rebug tool box, go to lvl1 patches and enable "dispatch manager access".. now start the "chaos air bringer" (you have two options here either chose your own new MAC or let the app do it) i let the app pick mine, after you run the app it should just kick you back to the XMB.

Turn your ps3 off after the app returned you to XMB, restart your ps3 and look at your PS3 MAC in system settings if you done it right now it has changed.. now start PSID PATCH and change your PSID (would look like this and be at the top of your screen) 68403bef705abd9765439fdbca953333 (just a example) its 32 digits long and i think you can just spoof (not 100% sure)

Now change your console ID (would look like this and be at the bottom of your screen) 0000000167BDA8640CDE321376A8C9AC000000000000000000 00000000000000 (just a example) and in the read me it says it has to be from a real PS3 (not 100% sure didn't try a spoof one).

Now start rebug tool box again go to "SELECTOR" then "system mode" and enable rebug mode. you will need to make a new PS3 ACCOUNT, now you have finished that welcome back to PSN and enjoy your stay.. you can not change FW and everytime you turn off your ps3 when you turn it back on you have to patch your PSID & console ID with PSID PATCH.

Your MAC ADDRESS is fine you only needed to patch it the one time. I would like a couple members to come in and try and confirm because i bricked my banned console last night (had all its details write down before the brick) BUT today i BANNED my slim (it was unbanned) with all the files from my banned ps3 so my logic is if i can BAN my SLIM people can do this to UNBAN but want people to confirm it first.

If anybody needs some help don't be afraid to ask, also there could possible be a permanent solution getting released soon i just don't want to brick loads of PS3's.

Update: Go on 3.55.3 rebug, check system setting and write down your real mac address. start psid patch and write down your real psid & console id, so write down your real console id & psid & mac address and keep it close by.. change your mac with "chaos" write down what it changed to again. Patch your console id and psid with "psid patch" write down what you changed it to your console id & psid. Go to multiman and look and see if it actually changed your console id looks something like this "00000001-00870006-190436ab-2e3765be" and let me no if its changed in multiman its in system info or something?

Then go to multiman file mananger, dump your lvl1 & lvl2, put it on your laptop/pc, check your dump with hxd, check in lvl1:

  • mac address: 0007c810 (starting from 5th digit) you need to see if its your real mac address or the one you just changed it to
  • console id: 00e48960 (hole line) same again see if its your real console id or the patched one
  • ps id: 000f2100 (hole line) same again see if its your real ps id or the one you patched

Then in lvl2 check

  • console id : 003c2ef0 (start of line) same again check if its your real or the one you changed it to
  • ps id : 00452180 (starting from 25th digit) same again check if its your real or the one you changed it to

Let me no if it contains your real info or the info you just spoofed it to i have a feeling these apps only do a visual change and not a physical one, if you don't understand what i'm saying just say and i'll explain it in more detail of what to do.

I myself bricked my ps3 last night by a silly mistake of not checking the "bkpps3.bin" with flow rebuilder before flashing it dont you be the next one. this is a warning all this is very risky and if your prepared to try this be prepared to brick your ps3 forever i done this 24 hours ago and i might be missing a few steps so people please wait till i re-try this again and double check that this is everything i done step by step.

If i was you i wouldn't try this until i can reconfirm you have been warned very high chance of bricks so try at your own cost and if you brick you can only unbrick by soldering so atm its not worth it just wait if you only have 1 good ps3 left, this is what i done and it unbanned me:

  • i was on 4.21 or 4.30 cfw
  • dump your nor flash check it with flow rebuilder (on your banned console)
  • dump your nor flash check it with flow rebuilder (on your unbanned console)
  • byte reverse and extract a nor dump file. Make sure your dumps are valid
  • swap all this from the unbanned nor flash to the banned nor flash using hxd
  • psid: 0002f070 and 000303d0 (just one line for both locations)
  • mac address: 0003f040 (first 12 digits on the start of that line)
  • hdd info and serial number: 00f20200 (i changed 3 lines here)

You might not need to change all 3 lines i need someone to find out were the serial number ends

  • console serial number : 0003f090 (i changed 3lines here)

You might not need to change all 3 lines i need someone to find out were the serial number ends.. after you have changed all that re-check your dump with flow rebuilder, then i used ps3_nor_dump_auto_patcher_v0.01 as if i'm downgrading.

After the app has made the 3 patches to your "bkpps3.bin" check it again with flow rebuilder just to be sure byte reverse and extract a nor dump file. I then flashed my modded "bkpps3.bin" back to my ps3 when it was flashing and got to 4blue lights lit (half way done) it made 3 beeps as if it was turning off then for the remainder of the time it just kept flashing red then green (my power lights on front of ps3)

After that i just finished the downgrade progress (normally) then when i was on 3.55 i used stokers psid patch 1.5 to patch my psid and it got rid of my ban. If i was you i wouldn't try this until i can reconfirm... this is not what i done but i was told this would work dont try this unless your prepared to kiss your ps3 good bye forever very high chance of a brick and its not a easy fix for a brick you will need to solder

  • small tutorial on editing your "bkpps3.bin"
  • dump your nor flash with e3 flasher check it with flow rebuilder (on your banned console)
  • dump your nor flash with e3 flasher check it with flow rebuilder (on your unbanned console)
  • make sure both dumps are valid
  • byte reverse and extract a nor dump file.
  • Nor flash offsets
  • mac address: 0003f040 (1st 12 digits only)
  • console id: 0002f070 (hole line)
  • console id: 000303d0 (hole line)
  • ps id: 0003f080 (hole line) i never found these one's someone told me them
  • ps id: 000303e0 (hole line) i never found these one's someone told me them
  • patch all these offsets - swap these lines using hxd from your unbanned nor flash till your banned nor flash
  • check your "bkpps3.bin" with flow rebuilder again
  • byte reverse and extract a nor dump file.

Make sure its a good valid dump after you edited it and also make sure you still have your original "bkpps3.bin" and just to be safe check it again make sure its still good because if you brick you will need it and also will have to solder to unbrick... You have been warned if your brave enough flash your modded "bkpps3.bin" over to your ps3 note this is dangerous and i'm not going to be responsible if anything goes wrong.

This is a warning all this is very risky and if your prepared to try this be prepared to brick your ps3 forever i done this 24 hours ago and i might be missing a few steps so people please wait till i re-try this again and double check that this is everything i done step by step.

Offsets just the same for all these dumped lvl1 & lvl2 in multiman:

Also i'm still working on the other way by patching your NOR flash its a bit better because its a permanent fix saves you running the apps every time you turn your ps3 on STILL waiting on a ban from sony tho lol (they need to step their game up LOL)

From 0x00 comes a How to UnBan Your PS3 Console from PSN Guide for those interested.

From Fig! comes the following details as well:

The most important one would be to stay away from playing latest games or installing new updates during the last month because most likely it has spyware inside to monitor our system files (INCLUDING the last pss store application update... lol people seem to forget about this sneaky spyware and then complain that they have gotten banned while not playing online ).

If you don't pay attention to the first advice then it would be best for now to remove any homebrew and that includes MM (including the stealth)... it is better loading MM and delete it after MM has finished loading some information to memory. I got some more technical info that it wouldn't be smart to share public... but like I said as long as players will stay away from playing latest games or updates, they should be safe for the time being.

It doesn't mean that every single new game or update has a spyware but still without inspecting the game files and patching those checks I would advice anyone to stay away from it. An example for games you should stay away from until someone will patch those checks are Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fifa13 and BO2.

One other tip that completely connects to this story and the implications it entails. ALWAYS DISCONNECT YOUR EYE-CAM AND HEADSET WHEN YOU DO NOT USE THEM. Happy gaming!

Finally, from Gemma Arden:

Some of those header files referenced in psidpatch.cpp are not in pslight (at least not the version I have). So you might need the official sdk to re-compile it? IDK for sure. Looking at the makefile it looks like you need to have the PS3_GAME folder and /source/psidpatch.cpp in your working directory with the 3 make* files and package.conf (all included with the PSIDPatch release).

If you want to make the package, it looks like it requires psn_package_npdrm.exe. I think I remember seeing something in a post about multiMan Eboot Fix Tool including that. Looks like it goes in the bin directory with the other compile exe's if I read the makefile correctly. According to the MakeDefs file it looks like that would be in the path when using "usr/local/cell"?

Some of the lines in the makefile are commented out. To compile and make it into a package, looks like you would have to run "make self" and then "make package" unless you change the makefile. I could be mistaken since I can't test it myself.

Do your tests prove conclusively that you need to change the MAC address? As I mentioned above, I read that it is not checked for PSN.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene updates and homebrew releases!

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PS3 News's Avatar
#6 - PS3 News - 96w ago
Indeed, I think most PS3 hackers are against using mods online anyway so it will be interesting to see how long it takes for someone to come up with a work-around.

From wololo (via wololo.net/2012/11/13/sony-warns-you-people-using-a-cfw-will-be-banned/), to quote:

"Sony warns you: People using a CFW will be banned.

Those of you who have been following the Ps3 scene lately know that things have been moving fast on the hacking front of our beloved beast. But with people being able to access the PSN (a.k.a SEN) through CFW again, regular players feel threatened for their online experience. Understandably, nobody likes to play against a Wall hack or a guy who instantly headshots you thanks to a a Cheat. CFW brings many good things to a console in my opinion, but CFW + PSN access also brings a bunch of 13 year-old kids who just discovered they can finally win in CoD…

It’s in this context that Sony recently released a statement confirming that they will take action and ban your console and/or account from the Playstation Network if you are found to use unauthorized software (a CFW) or pirated software in your online experience.

My personal opinion: If you want to play online but also want a CFW, buy 2 PS3s. One that you’ll hack and one that you’ll use online. Nobody likes cheaters, and if you go the CFW way, just accept the price to pay and stop using Sony’s online services. I’m not saying there are no legit uses for somebody with a CFW who want to go online (I’m the first one to want a CFW but *still* being able to use things like Netflix or simply buy games on the PSN), but it is perfectly normal that Sony is protecting their network from what is understandably at this point considered as an unauthorized access."

Also below is what Sony sees when you bootup and login to PSN from and_fis (via ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/5569-up!?p=61019&viewfull=1#post61019):

I have 3 pictures attached to this. It is fiddler debugging all info sent to sony when you boot up your ps3 and beyond.

Once you hit your xmb after the stupid warning. 3 servers are sent information (picture 1). Because of multiman the logs are empty so empty logs are sent. you then log into psn, info is sent (picture 2) you log out of psn and then into multiman (more zero'ed logs are sent to sony) *this is looking good so far*

you boot up a game and go back to xmb logs are still zero, go into game and log onto game server from within a game or psn and it says your playing game blah blah blah. (Everything is perfect) and sony doesn't know it. (picture 3)

SO..... you log on to psn again and this time you open multiman while still logged on to psn... Now logs are sent saying your playing multiman... ooopsss... you boot up a game and exit multiman and now within a split second your not playing multiman but game blah blah blah... hmmmm that was a fast disc swap... logs are sent with times and info of game.

SO... you boot up to the game server and logs are sent to them showing what you played last and checksums are done on the game to make sure it hasn't been modified in any way (this includes duplex eboots)... if you have an unmodified game your ok on the game server and the company that made the game wont whine to sony..

But sony is still watching those bad logs so they automatically send you a nasty e-mail about cfw use... Also if you run any pkg homebrew its logged and sent to sony if your on psn and messing around with them...

so... as long as you play unmodified games and stay off psn until you log in from within the game your golden. You also have to make sure you use multiman properly with psn... if everyone follows this as a golden rule you shall have access to psn for a long time on a cfw. ALSO make sure automatic update under system settings is OFF so you wont boot up with psn access..

Make sure you go "CLEAN TO DIRTY".... exit multman then do psn.. exit psn before going into multiman yada yada yada...its that easy. IF you play hacked games, or homebrew on psn Your asking sony to ban you.

HeyManHRU's Avatar
#5 - HeyManHRU - 96w ago
I'm sure Sony are equipped to deal with cheaters in a better way though, yeah, you need to have a hacked PS3 to cheat in a game but is that really worth banning all users with a hacked PS3?

elser1's Avatar
#4 - elser1 - 96w ago
finally sony doing something. about time. i hate online cheats that ruin my legit paid for gaming experience.

Xtreamst's Avatar
#3 - Xtreamst - 96w ago
Yeah that's the way Sony to stop unauthorized user but not sued hackers like they did to Graft & Geo. After all they can't stop people for hacking any device because we're human modding is fun we want our device much better leave the CFW users offline & give it to the legit users. Remember MS Xbox 360? They never sued hackers but they ban because they know what I'm saying period!

kalberto's Avatar
#2 - kalberto - 96w ago
I'm never tried to connect psn with cfw

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