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Sony PS3 Gets Fried in Mysterious Psyclone HDMI Cable Blaze

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257w ago - A PS3 owner has revealed to Gizmodo (linked above) that his Sony PlayStation 3 console became a little burnt after plugging in a Psychlone HDMI cable.

The big fry up ended after around 10 seconds once the cord had eventually melted off, however, it still caused quite a bit of damage.

To quote: "He had his PS3 plugged into an electrical source although it wasn't running any games at the time of this. He plugged in his Psyclone HDMI cable from his Samsung 32-inch flatpanel TV to the PS3 when the sparks started flying.

A flame actually shot up out of the PS3, and sparks were firing out of both ends where the HDMI cable met with the ports. The mess ended in 10 seconds when the cord melted off. Pictures included.

We cannot figure out why/how this occurred. No breakers were tripped, no damage or discoloration to any wall outlets or other power sources. Only the HDMI ports."

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#7 - stomp442 - 257w ago
stomp442's Avatar
I would keep watch here ([Register or Login to view links]) to see if anybody else has the same problem, or even file a complaint somewhere, Psyclone had a recall on a 4-Dock Battery Recharge Station for use with the Wii,

#6 - PS3 News - 257w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
The first pic is of the Samsung 32-inch flatpanel TV, the last is of the PS3 basically.

#5 - B4rtj4h - 257w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Is this a DEV console? My PS3 has no Service port etc.

#4 - Dreadrik - 257w ago
Dreadrik's Avatar
For this kind of damage to happen, the shield in the hdmi connector (either in the TV or the PS3) must have come in contact with the AC power line. Could be a faulty power connector with switched ground/line cables.

#3 - CJPC - 257w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by hecz View Post
holy crap i didn't know this could happen to a hdmi cable

can the guy make something about this damage?

Don't really know - namely, of course (most people forget) but you should have your devices off (and ideally - unplugged) while connecting HDMI cables (or nearly any, for that fact) due to the potential of different grounds, etc.

Furthermore - If I recall, back when the PS3 came out, Sony pulled something along the lines of giving people trouble if they did not use a Sony HDMI cable (remember?) - doubt that is the case now, but still an interesting little tidbit!


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