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Sony: PS3 Blu-ray Issues Are Not Firmware-Related

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272w ago - Recently we held a poll here to see how many users experienced issues after updating to PS3 Firmware 3.01, which was released to fix the issues that v3.0 was plagued with.

Most users said they updated to 3.01 fine here, however, elsewhere there are [Register or Login to view links] of v3.01 crippling PS3 consoles- including problems with Blu-ray playback, and in some cases DVD playback issues and audio glitches.

To quote: "Sony has told Eurogamer that a firmware update cannot affect the Blu-ray drive on a PS3. The problem that PS3 owners are reporting following 3.01 is 'not an issue with the firmware'.

Most, if not all, claim to have had no previous problem with their console, but having applied the firmware update discovered Blu-ray films and PS3 games froze and could not continue.

Sony customer services have been telling sufferers that they must send their machine back for repair, which costs £128 if out of one-year warranty, but there's still no real explanation for what's happened."

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#12 - HOGGER - 272w ago
HOGGER's Avatar
I have never updated to 3.0 with the fear that I would lose functionally of my bluetooth remote and now that I begun to back up and play blu-ray disc with out a problem I’m sticking with 2.76.

They can keep their online content.

#11 - PSPSwampy - 272w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
You said it!

Wanna see example of bad sony coding? Check out the CONNECT player that came with the NW-A3000 MP3 player - Its AWFUL, worst software i've ever used!

#10 - PS3 News - 272w ago
PS3 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
Oh and CJ's right - the firmware update can easily include BD drive updates and yes they can DEFINATELY screw your drive up if they're badly coded!

Ever since Sony denied there was a PS3 Slim coming I tend to take their statements with a grain of salt as well.

#9 - PSPSwampy - 272w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Direct firmware download can be corrupt but PC DL can't?
Wow that's news to me, i always thought that either route through the PS3 unpacks the firmware, hash checks the contents (to ensure it's exactly as sony provided) and ONLY once that's passed it is installed. Still if this is true maybe we can install hacked firmware by redirecting the PS3 to a customised firmware! (Or as we all suspect.. this is BS! hahaha)

Still, not wanting to miss yet another chance to plug my wares, you could use my [Register or Login to view links] to help you download the firmwares on your PC

Oh and CJ's right - the firmware update can easily include BD drive updates and yes they can DEFINATELY screw your drive up if they're badly coded!


#8 - CJPC - 272w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Yeah - Just to reinforce what others have said, if the download (or usb update) is in any way corrupt - it will fail to install.

There are multiple hash checks on the PUP itself, as well as its contents. The fact that Sony said that updates do no affect the BD drive is a boldfaced lie - the BD firmware is updated nearly every time you upgrade the console, with an updated firmware. It is highly possible some new BD firmware code could be a tad buggy - quite unlikely, but its happened before.

Just another example of PR trying to spin things...


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