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Sony Patents Degradable Video Game Demos Like PSN Titles

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251w ago - Similar to what was done with PSN titles including Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a recent patent filing by Sony has been found for a new demo system that slowly degrades the game as it is played.

Essentially this means the more hours you put into a downloaded PSP or PS3 demo, the more the demo's gameplay diminishes.

For example, as you continue to play a video game demo, your weapons might decrease in value (size, quality, etc.). It's essentially a system that adds a time limit to a demo.

This new system is reportedly going to help people make the decision to buy the actual game instead of continuously playing the demo. Whether that will work or not is questionable.

To quote: "In one scenario your weapon is weakened or replaced with a less powerful one after so many hours playing the game. Think of it as a timed level down.

Another idea Sony has is to remove levels, race tracks in this example, after you reach a certain number of plays. When you finally buy the game (bottom right) you can use all of the tracks again."

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#11 - red8316 - 251w ago
red8316's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by JesusFMA View Post
... It will just bother me and encourage me to NOT buy the game

My feelings exactly. I think demos should be for two things.

1) Showcase and build up product interest.
2) Give people a chance to try before they buy.

If a demo is released with all kinds of restrictions and degrading features over time that would really be a poor way to showcase a let someone try a product. If the next time you go test drive a vehicle power and the steering stopped and the radio slowly turned off you probably wouldn't want to buy a car when you got back to the lot. That's a far out example but it relates the same concept with the game demos.

Demo's are pretty limited as is, why would you want to limit them even more. Because people play demo's forever? That's a lame excuse. If someone's picking up a PSP or PS3 there is a pretty good chance they have money to buy a game from time a time.

This kind of stuff and way of thinking makes me think of "greed". Why do people need to be burdened with all kinds of limits on demos? Sony had a good thing going with free online play and PSN access. If you give people what they want, they'll love you for it. If you start screwing em over with grand idea's like this you're going to have less happy people.

With this kind of corporate attitude, I hope even more the PS3 is hacked open and laid bare. Maybe someone who's all upset over locked down feature limited demos can then figure out a way to unlock them to their max potential so people can play forever.

~Lame Patent Sony, Very Lame~

#10 - JesusFMA - 251w ago
JesusFMA's Avatar
I was looking at the "interesting" figures at the main article, and they look like they were made by a child

Nah, seriously, it's strange the way this degradable demos are going to work, 'cause it seems that they are expecting for us to download the FULL game and then, it will be diminishing in time but... we are going to have to download the full game!.

This is definitely the dumbest idea I've ever heard, as many of you have said, 'cause it really is. Besides, what if I wanna try a certain feature that is no longer available? It will just bother me and encourage me to NOT buy the game

#9 - toughguy - 251w ago
toughguy's Avatar
Guys, just get yourself a jtag xbox360 and it probably going to solve 80% of your problems (20% being the PSN exclusive)!!!

#8 - GrandpaHomer - 251w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Well - again - apart of mostly useless Demos anyway released often weeks or even months after game itself is released they're now going to cripple this even more? Pff. The only result would be an increase in amount of PSN accounts as people will simply create multiply account to go around the time limit on demos

#7 - victorinox - 251w ago
victorinox's Avatar
i can see a lot of peoples points and though their not my problem with demos, same with sonys... demos miss several important things:

1) usually a demo is different than the final product in some way, like i recall you having more powers in infamous than you did at that point in the full game and etc

2) they dont tell you how long the actual game maybe, i played parapper the rapper demo ages ago and it was seriously 15%+ of the total game

finally this will fail in the end since the only demo people would play endlessly are already dead like U2, mag, and bfbc 2.


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