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Sony Nasne Incoming for PS3, PS Vita & Other Supported Devices

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140w ago - Today Sony of Japan has [Register or Login to view links] that their networked recorder and media storage device dubbed [Register or Login to view links] (pictures HERE) will be arriving on July 19th for use with the PS3, PS Vita, and other supported devices.

To quote from Examiner.com (linked above): The "nasne" device comes with a 500 GB hard drive in addition to dedicated tuners for "digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast."

It can connect with several Sony devices (PlayStation 3, PS Vita, VIAO PC, Sony Tablet and Xperia Play) using dedicated apps so that users can watch and record video. You can check out how "nasne" will work with each aforementioned device from the details provided by the press release below:

● PlayStation 3

PS3 users will be able to watch and record*3 digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast through LAN cable by installing "torne" version 4.0, a dedicated application for PS3, which will come bundled with "nasne."

By connecting a maximum of four "nasne" units to their PS3, users can simultaneously record up to four television programs. Those who already have a "torne" device connected to their PS3 will be able to connect a maximum of four "nasne" units to their PS3 and record up to five television programs.*4 Details of "torne" version 4.0 for PS3 will be announced separately.

● PlayStation Vita

PS Vita users will be able to watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts through "torne for PS Vita" (tentative name), a dedicated application for accessing "nasne" from anywhere within the same home network via Wi-Fi connection . "torne for PS Vita" will become available within this calendar year.

By leveraging the ability of "nasne" to simultaneously create an export file while a television program is being recorded, users can quickly transfer recorded content through Wi-Fi connection and easily enjoy them on the go on their PS Vita's beautiful 5-inch OLED. Details of "torne for PS Vita" will be announced in due course.


VAIO PC users will be able to watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts through "VAIO TV with nasne" (beta version)*5, a dedicated application for accessing "nasne" from anywhere within the same home network via Wi-Fi connection or LAN cable. "VAIO TV with nasne" (beta version) will become available concurrently with the release of "nasne."

Key features of "VAIO TV with nasne":

1. Recorded television programs on "nasne'" can be copied to Blu-ray Disc and DVD, or transferred to VAIO PC's HDD or Solid State Drive (SSD).

2. Up to eight digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts can be simultaneously recorded by connecting a maximum of eight "nasne" hardware units to VAIO PC.

3. Television programs can be searched by keywords. "VAIO TV with nasne" will become available for Windows 7 equipped VAIO PCs*6 through "VAIO Update," an automatic free update service for VAIO PC users.

● "Sony Tablet" / Xperia

Sony Tablet*7 / Xperia*8 users will be able to watch live and recorded digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts through applications on Sony Tablet / Xperia for accessing "nasne" from within the same home network via Wi-Fi connection. Users will be also able to schedule recordings of television programs through "G GUIDE TV OUKOKU CHAN-TORU."

SCE will continue to aggressively expand the new world of entertainment through the combination of "nasne" and PlayStation platforms as well as other networked Sony products.

Sony Computer Entertainment's "nasne" will be released in Japan on July 19th. It has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 16,980 yen (or approximately $210.72 in U.S. dollars).

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#8 - jesterking1 - 140w ago
jesterking1's Avatar
I fail to see the point... I have a DVR, a PC Tuner card, 2 DLNA capable NAS's, and net capable TV. If they wanted me to get one of these, they should have jumped in the game about 4 years ago, before I had those things.

#7 - niwakun - 140w ago
niwakun's Avatar
most of the HDTV recorders in Japan do much more better job unlike what "nasne" offer too. You should buy one of them "if" you have the same HDTV standards offers in your country. nasne can do record multiple channels by using multiple ps3 device or multiple nasne device, while other HDTV recorders have native linux OS on it which you can install almost anything you want and can do record 7 channels at the same time with no extra hardware.

Im just lucky enough that our government here choose ISDB as our HDTV format (there's a test broadcast for other HDTV signals like DVB but NTC ended up choosing ISDB). I can just grab any recorder or TV straight from Japan with this.

#6 - mgkmgk - 140w ago
mgkmgk's Avatar
This would have been great - but feel a little late to me.

What combo do you guys use... I am just thinking of getting a system together to install and organise media better. Granpahomer - what HW + linux do you use and are you saying PlayTV will work with a PC?

I am currently deciding between. NAS + Apple TV (jailbroken with XMBC) or a microserver with SABnzbd, Couch potato and Sickbeard and XBMC

To be honest though I am really just picking this stuff up so dont kow if there is better options - I definitely feel we are on the brink of a groundbreaking device (like SKY+ was in the UK)....we need a consumer freiendly central box able to play recorded content throughout the house via wifi to any TV - while ever it is reasonably techy install I don't think it will get widely adopted.

#5 - GrandpaHomer - 140w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Well, PlayTV did actually failry good in UK (once you've got hold of discounted one after initial overpriced release for nothing then basic USB DVB-T tunner which though works very well with PC too) and Torne is very popular in Japan (also already supported by Vita since it release there) and Nasne as practically standalone on PS3 totally independed device has no drowbacks of PlayTV / Original Torne devices.

I'd still though prefer my own independent, more flexible and NOT controlled totally by Sony PVR unit (preferably based on some popoular HW + linux distro) - there is plenty of them on the market already for those willing to tinker around - would be much MUCH cheaper too - both in terms of larger storage and multiply tunner, especially when you'd like to have full tripple / quattro solution (DVB-T/C/S or incl. analogue and indeed all the MPEG 2/4 etc.).

Torne / Nasne units are aimed at customers looking for a plug and play functionality and not being concerned about limited features.

#4 - HeyManHRU - 140w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
They know PlayTV didn't do any good, why do they bother trying again with something so similar. But it would look pretty cool standing next to my Slim PS3.


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