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Sony is Now Offering 250GB PS3 HDD Upgrade Service in Japan

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243w ago - Today Andriasang.com (linked above) reports that Sony has started a [Register or Login to view links] in Japan for those who are seeking to swap their current PlayStation 3 hard disk drive for a fee.

For the price of ¥18,000 (~$184), Japanese gamers can to send their PS3 directly to Sony who will upgrade the system's hard drive to a 250GB model, and move all the content of the previous drive across. They'll then send your system (and old PS3 hard drive) back to you.

To quote: "For ¥18,000 (~$184), Sony will upgrade your current PS3 to a 250 gigabyte hard drive. The cost includes the hard drive and all labor for swapping the drives and moving over your system software and all content from your current hard drive. Sony will even return the current hard drive to you.

The program works with the following PS3 models:

• CECHA00 (60GB)
• CECHB00 (20GB)
• CECHH00 (40GB)
• CECHL00 (80GB)
• CECHQ00 (160GB)
• CECH-2000A (120GB)

For further details, including a step-by-step guide to placing an order and shipping out your PS3, see Sony's hard drive swap service page."

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#10 - jamesnesc709 - 241w ago
jamesnesc709's Avatar
i wish the usa sony would do that, but i don't think so.

#9 - laggmaster - 241w ago
laggmaster's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by matheus1cia View Post
LOL they need to do that with SSD HD with low price, or launch a system with 40~80GB SSD HD.

SSD's would actually improve size and slight performance increase in reading data off the HDD, they would also make it more compact and a little more expensive... in my opinion SSD's are eventually the way to go with memory but not untill they are cheaper to manufacture or we phase out all of the old hdds for the more secure SSD the price to performance ratio just isn't worth it.

#8 - matheus1cia - 241w ago
matheus1cia's Avatar
LOL they need to do that with SSD HD with low price, or launch a system with 40~80GB SSD HD.

#7 - shummyr - 243w ago
shummyr's Avatar
This is great for those that want to transfer to a bigger drive or don't want to do it themselves..

#6 - laggmaster - 243w ago
laggmaster's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by daveribz View Post
Exactly what I thought, Pretikewl. You can get a 500GB USB drive for 80$, then get a 250GB 2.5' SATA drive for 50$, keep the two and spare some money and time.

Probably just a easy way of making money off not-too-geek users for sony.

true most people who aren't tech savvy make simple tasks on computers sound like they've done something amazing... most people don't even know where the harddrive is located in there computer... i would actually suggest this to some of my friends if i hadn't already done it for them for cheaper lol (i charge them cost of the drive and 5 bucks to install the drive and put their backup on it)

now if they were offering the upgrade to slim users then this may actually be a good deal i wouldn't mind having a 500gb slim

for $180 i could buy a 1tb drive from newegg and have so much space on my ps3 that it would take me a good year to fill it all up


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