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Sony Files Interactive Content In-Game Advertising Scheme Patent

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134w ago - Today [Register or Login to view links] has uncovered details on an interactive content [Register or Login to view links] that Sony has filed for an in-game advertising scheme presumably for PlayStation Network.

To quote from GamePlox.com (linked above): "Like That Free PSN? Better Get Used to Advertisements - Recently discovered on Google Patents, a patent that Sony Computer Entertainment America filed on November 10, 2011 shows that they plan to interrupt game play to bring advertisements.

The premise is like this: you’ll be enjoying your game, and then it will start to gradually slow down, until an advertisement pops-up on your screen telling you about some great offers, and then your game will resume."

Is PlayStation Network Plus the wave of the future, or should PSN remain free but plagued with in-game advertisements? Feel free to share your opinions on this topic below!

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#18 - saviour07 - 133w ago
saviour07's Avatar
Was thinking about this again the other day, and I'm wondering if the developers of the games themselves are happy with this?
Or if they have to sign a new agreement to allow it to happen during gameplay of their software?

Only asking because the advertisements that appear during their game could potentially be misconstrued as endorsements by that development company. Kinda like if you were playing Uncharted 3 online and a soft drink ad pops up - could be seen as "Naughty Dog endorses Cola".

Obviously there are a lot worse things to be associated with and so I don't know if the adverts would need to be targeted ads dependent on the type of game you're playing e.g. Razer gaming keyboard/mouse ad's while playing BF3 or upcoming sporting events for NBA2K or Fight Night etc.

#17 - marioacg - 133w ago
marioacg's Avatar
This will take away a lot of players because of the random advertising, and I suppose it is only going to be for one player games, otherwise I don't want to imagine how this will affect gameplay during a multiplayer game like the FPS shooter ones.

#16 - frees123 - 134w ago
frees123's Avatar
its must be a joke! at the loading of the game i can tolerate, but during the gameplay, i will kick the console through the window!

#15 - saviour07 - 134w ago
saviour07's Avatar
I can maybe accept this happening when player's are in the lobby or as the game/map is loading but during gameplay will be a joke!

#14 - Alaa - 134w ago
Alaa's Avatar
This would be so idiotic if it were to happen whilst playing multiplayer.


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