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Sony Confirms Release of PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 for Today

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265w ago - Shortly following the video preview of the upcoming PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 comes the official Press Release (below) and confirmation that it will indeed arrive today.

According to [Register or Login to view links], Sony will be releasing the 3.10 update today.

To quote: They've apparently been planning this for some time now, but network operation director Eric Lempel wouldn't say how long.

"I'll just say that it's been in the works for quite some time," he said in an interview with 1UP.

"It's never been easy to just integrate new content into the PlayStation Network. We've had this planned for a while now."

Press Release: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. to Offer Richer Online Social Experience to PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System Owners with Facebook Integration

Next Firmware Update (v3.10) Enables PlayStation 3 system Gamers to Share Their Experiences with Friends on Facebook, Including Trophies Won In-Game, PlayStation(R)Network Game Purchases, and Game Events

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Nov. 18 - Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. ("SCEA") today announced an integration with Facebook to deliver the first phase of a variety of new features to further connect and enhance the online social experiences of PlayStation®3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system owners.

Starting on November 18, as part of the system software update, version 3.10, users can easily showcase their game accomplishments to friends and family, and post information about the PS3 games they purchase from PlayStation®Network to Facebook. With the new Facebook integration, PS3 system owners now have access to a truly social and seamless user experience.

With Firmware 3.10, PS3 system owners can now not only brag to friends about their domination as a gamer, but also back it up by sharing unlocked trophies with their friends on Facebook every time they sync their Trophies.

Additionally, the system update enables PS3 system owners to share information on games they just purchased with a click of a button. The new system update also enables game developers to set up trigger points in their games that provide PS3 system users the option to quickly and easily publish game related information from their favorite titles to Facebook.

"Launching Facebook for the PlayStation community is a natural fit for our goal of delivering unparalleled connected experiences - from connecting our community to each other to connecting our customers to great entertainment downloaded from the PlayStation Store," said Susan Panico, senior director, PlayStation Network, SCEA. "As we pass the third anniversary of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network, we're excited to deepen the social experiences of PlayStation Network and kick-off the first phase of our integration with Facebook."

"We're excited to connect Facebook's 300 million active users with the PlayStation 3, enabling players to connect and share their game experiences with friends," said Ethan Beard, director, Facebook Developer Network.

Key Facebook Features:

Showcase Trophies: Instantly share trophies you earn in PS3 games in your Facebook stream. Simply sync your PS3 system and easily show off your accomplishments to friends and family.

PlayStation Store Purchase Log Publishing: Let friends and family on Facebook instantly know which PlayStation 3 games you've purchased. The PlayStation Store, available to PS3 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system owners through PlayStation Network, features over 200 downloadable games, many of which are exclusive to PS3 or PSP system owners, in addition to over 4,000 pieces of add-on game content.

Game Event: With a few quick clicks of the controller sharing select game events, progress and statistics is now easier than ever with the Facebook integration.

Additional New Firmware 3.10 Features (not related to Facebook):

• Photos: Photos will now be displayed in a grid format for simplified access and viewing.
• Friends List: The PlayStation Network Friends List has an enhanced design that enables users to customize the background color of their PlayStation Network Profile.

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#14 - mihaiolimpiu - 265w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
[Register or Login to view links]

Sorry guys I was babbling all about AXN player and I didn't realized that you read the US.PLAYSTATION blog...

I provided a link for ALL what fw 3.10 brings, mainly in EUROPE!!!

#13 - xyba - 265w ago
xyba's Avatar
Has this update now been removed? I've got version 3.01 and tried updting via System Update and I'm told there's no newer version than mine

#12 - craig2k9 - 265w ago
craig2k9's Avatar
well i think its good when the ps3 does updates... they obviusly dont just bring an update out so they can ONLY integrate the features they have,... there must obviously be a lot in the background they change for each update..

i think its gr8 they still update it 3 years on. at least they haven't forgot about us and just leave it on the original firmware.

people should stop complaining and if they don't like what features are in this update or in the playstation.... why have one at all? go get an xbox if ur not happy with ur ps3..

my opinion take it how you want

#11 - mihaiolimpiu - 265w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Actually if you would of read the actual blog entry you will find that besides the useless facebook thingy there is a plethora of TV stations that are available only in specific countries!

This and the color change for user cards is quite enough for me...

I do understand the ones that only got the facebook and color change.. but If you really think that all those TV stations put up a (probably flash) player, then the situation changes and indeed it's well deserving a .1 status... I really enjoy AXN and Animax.. so for me this is the greatest update ever... can't wait to test it out!

And for all you people, NO, the PS3 is NOT ONLY a gaming machine!!! I actually use it a lot more for other things, gaming only 50% of it's usage.. and now I'm shure it will shrink a lot... Dr. HOUSE and STARGATE!!! here I come!

#10 - croft72 - 265w ago
croft72's Avatar
For me this update has very little to offer. Its interesting how Sony wants to make so many new ways for gamers to socialize with other people. When I first got online with my 360 many people were about gaming and from what I see many still are. They may be in private chat while in a game but they are playing something. Upon getting my PS3 and getting online the were so many people that were either sitting at their dashboard sending emails, talking in chatrooms or these days text chatting till they were barely playing much of anything.

It just seems to me like they have gotten into the habit of just socializing a lot more than gaming. (Not that theres anything wrong with that because every gamers' preference of what they do with their time is different.) I may have to agree with many others about the latest update. The Facebook features are not going to be of any use to me. Don't get me wrong cause I like my PS3 having video and text chatroom features but I want Sony for focus more on features towards players' gaming experiences.

Things like the God of War collections where they are bringing a couple of PS2 games to PS3 format along with trophies is an great idea to me. I really hope this becomes a trend for many other big PS2 titles. I could only inmagine the number of games that came out only for the PS2 while the PS3 has been out that some gamers would want in PS3 format. (Tomb Raider Legend, T.R. Anniversary, Phantasy Star Universe, etc....)

The friendslist color feature is an okay addition but something very minor. I know these have been complaints before in reference to the friendlist but Sony should have at least given you a larger "About Me" bio section, more letter space in the comment box or maybe even an "Appear Offline" feature instead of just a yellow icon that says "Not Available".


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