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Sony Boss Reveals Developers Will Help Build Next PlayStation

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229w ago - In an interview with Develop-Online.net (linked above), SCE studio boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed that developers will be more integrated into their future hardware plans.

To quote: "So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us (developers)."

And when asked whether this change in philosophy will be applied to future PlayStation hardware, Yoshida replied: "Yes, we are undergoing many activities that we haven't yet been talking about in public. Some future platform related activities."

Yoshida also hinted that several activities are currently being worked on that are not public yet, to quote: "undergoing many activities that we haven't yet been talking about in public. Some future platform related activities."

Whether he is referring to the rumored PSP2 or an upcoming PS4, things will definitely be exciting for next-generation gamers.

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barrybarryk's Avatar
#8 - barrybarryk - 183w ago
What ever made you think they weren't working on it? It'll still not be released for 3 years.

DAXGr's Avatar
#7 - DAXGr - 183w ago
Well check this out! Looks like we need to start saving!

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Awayze's Avatar
#6 - Awayze - 229w ago
If the developers get to know the hardware, it'll be like the 360, ie the graphics will get maxed out pretty quickly and so future development will be the same.

I like the fact that PS3 games are getting better every year. It would have sucked if they maxed the power of PS3 within the first year.

adrianc1982's Avatar
#5 - adrianc1982 - 229w ago
Quote Originally Posted by daveribz View Post
PS4? Not for, at least, 5 more years, I hope... With all the power and technology available, and the high price of games, developement etc., Sony and Xbox decided to upgrade their consoles with 'motion' hardwares, which is a very good choice and just keeps our consoles alive for more years to come, also offering a broader range of games (casual, hardcore, etc.).

There have been numerous articles stating that current consoles can last for another 10 years because not only do we have the power, but we have internet + updates. Sony and MS can add new features like the motion controllers without purchasing additional hardware(well you have to for the motion controllers but other stuff can be updated without hardware.). By adding features they can extend the life adapting to new gaming trends, this couldnt happen with the ps2 or with the ps1.

In the past when you reached the limit of what the ps2 and ps1 where able to do and the features they packed didnt cut anymore you needed a new console like the ps2 that carried in a dvd player. But now with the power of updates and digital content who needs to upgrade the machine? we dont have a new standard like HD, only 3d tvs but even the ps3 with an update can handle that and the xbox said they can too, so why a new machine?

Besides MS and Sony lose money when they launch a new console, they start making money after a couple of years on games they sell, so the longer the console stays on the market the better for them and for us too if you think about it. Bring good games and updates thats the only thing we need.

dante489's Avatar
#4 - dante489 - 229w ago
i bet the new psp will be as secure as the ps3 or even better, i geuss they learned their lesson! but to be honest with ya guys piracy didn't kill the psp it was the lack of good games. the ds is even easier than psp to hack but look at the succses it made.

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