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Sony Blocks PS3 Proxy Methods, PS3 Firmware 3.42 Issues Arise

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223w ago - A few days ago Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.42 which plugged the PS3 JailBreak exploit, and today they have blocked PlayStation 3 proxy connection methods amid reports of 3.42 update issues.

As of today, to connect to PSN and use your PS3 online users are required to update to Firmware version 3.42 rendering the PS3 Firmware Bypass and DNS methods useless.

Additionally, garyopa reports via [Register or Login to view links] that some users who updated to PS3 Firmware 3.42 are now experiencing various issues, to quote:

"There is numerous reports of 'Sound Problems,' they seem to be the biggest problem, with sound cutting in and out. Also reports of games like COD:MW2, Battlefield 2: Bad Company, Madden 2011 in crashing or not even loading at times.

Of course with every new firmware update, there is the series of reports of 'bricks,' the PS3 just looping, or frozen forever after the update."

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#33 - Bishoff - 223w ago
Bishoff's Avatar
I think I'll go buy another Console while they are still available with firmware under 3.41 and keep it as a backup or extra Blu Ray player.

#32 - Pcsx2006 - 223w ago
Pcsx2006's Avatar
Well it was bound to happen, but in doing so Sony is making it even worst for them by reducing the no of their customers. Bcz many people didnt gave much importance to otheros when 3.21 was released to remove otheros but PSJailbreak is a different story it is most precious & valueble thing for PS3 onwers at the moment so this time a large no of people will only give prefrence to PSJailbreak and give a crap to PSN.

Good luck to Sony as there will be no PSN for me from Now, I won't be updating my 80GB PS3 from 3.15 bcz i know soon PSJailbreak will be compatible with All Firmwares. nuff said!

#31 - Neo Cyrus - 223w ago
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
Sure enough it seems that restarting the proxy (turning it off then on) no longer gets around the block.

It just so happens that last night I used the proxy/firmware-cock-block program and downloaded every DLC I had bought along with every game update I needed and backed it up on a USB stick to restore to a new hard disk. Talk about good timing. I would have been screwed otherwise. Certain updates restarted the PS3 then the proxy would be blocked but restarting the program the second the PS3 restarted got around that, too bad it no longer works.

Those perverted idiots at Sony are cutting off their nose to spite their face. All this is going to do is cost them more in the long run and enrage the few fans they have left. How many here who own PS3s actually like Sony? What's that? No one? Why am I not surprised...

It will be a game of cat and mouse (except in this case Sony is a disease infested rat and the cat is a sledgehammer swinging down on it) like the PSP and just like with the PSP Sony will be wasting time and money fighting a battle they'll never win which costs them more the longer the press it.

#30 - sideofthebarn - 223w ago
sideofthebarn's Avatar
So if I update my ps3 to latest firmware, then when i get my blackcat in the mail, i can buy a used ps3 from gamestop, and just download 3.41 firmware from this sites download links, and have that 1 at 3.41 for homebrew, correct?

#29 - crazelunatic - 223w ago
crazelunatic's Avatar
that includes ps3/psstore items not just gamesaves? Cause if its just game saves i'm not too worried about losing those but the actual games that i've purchased from the psn is what worries me...


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