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Sony Apologizes for OtherOS Removal due to PS3 Piracy Concerns

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245w ago - Despite some refunds being granted, today Sony UK has officially apologized for the OtherOS removal in the recently released PS3 Firmware 3.21 update citing PS3 piracy concerns as the underlying factor.

To quote from Sony's official statement to Thinq.co.uk (linked above):

"We are sorry if users of Linux or other operating systems are disappointed by our decision to issue a firmware upgrade which when installed disables this operating system feature.

We have made the decision to protect the integrity of the console and whilst mindful of the impact on Linux or other operating system users we nevertheless felt it would be in the best interests of the majority of users to pursue this course of action.

As you will be aware we have upgraded and enhanced functionality and features of the console by numerous firmware upgrades over time and this is a very rare instance where a feature will be disabled. Further enhancements are in the pipeline.

Users do have the choice whether to install the firmware upgrade and this is clearly explained to them at the time the firmware upgrade is made available for installation. Furthermore our terms and conditions clearly state that we have the right to revise the PS3's settings and features in order to prevent access to unauthorised or pirated content."

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#43 - gygabyte666 - 245w ago
gygabyte666's Avatar
Two simple words sum this all up:

Epic Fail!

#42 - sasoseso - 245w ago
sasoseso's Avatar
Sony has become like the prey when it hunted. it screams from the lion but brings more hyena.

"in the end they die"

#41 - StakFallT - 245w ago
StakFallT's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by moneymaker View Post
Another slap in "their" face. This is stopping nothing.

Oh no, I'm sorry man. I meant the apology was a slap in the face; like it was supposed to make us feel ok with the OtherOS being removed, even though they knew it wouldn't. lol

#40 - fun4you2008 - 245w ago
fun4you2008's Avatar
The real kicker is for those who don't want to update firmware for whatever reason, Sony will eventually lock you out of the PSN store. Because that is the only source for some games/content, and I cannot access it (pre-3.0 firmware - bypass doesn't work), how am I supposed to BUY DLC for my PS3?

The short sightedness is that Sony refuses to sell content to me, and one day in the future for those who want to keep Other OS. What else am I supposed to do? Sony is basically telling me the only way to get this content is to find *some other way*, because Sony won't sell it to me without the latest firmware.

What happens when Sony starts charging subscription fees for PSN? Sony is going to lock out even more users from buying content. Wow. Refuse money from paying customers. Force them to go elsewhere. Great marketing strategy! Good luck with that.

#39 - moneymaker - 245w ago
moneymaker's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by StakFallT View Post
But I agree, this announcement they made was almost like a slap in the face.

Another slap in "their" face. This is stopping nothing.

Did they forced to update every owner of a PS3 which could be used for any non compliant use ? NO.
Every user with a linux compatible PS3 is a PPC64 assembler guru ? NO.
Was they really at a big risk ? NO.
Did they anyway fade away any risk (if any) ? NO.
Are they smart ? NO. This apology is only good to be used in a court against them.

They were still in time before 1st April to make it the biggest April Fool Joke ever made (with a lot of benefits for their public image), instead they decided to make it real... unbelievable... and now ? Sorry but's more secure ?.... for whom ?

Lets think a bit about it... if there are PS3 around which can be used to hack their code don't they are smart enough to think that not only the "hacking scene" it's still in time to to do what they don't want it could be done, but it's even more angry against their blindness and now with a very good reason to exit with a "take this" argument...

No, sorry, it's really foolish their behaviour...

Try to sell a car with ABS (claimed as a feature to sell the product) and then removing it in force of a license agreement cause "having ABS could lead to drive with less care thus we're removing it..." ..."or you update the electronic of your car or you will not be able anymore to open other doors except the driver one..cause we want to be sure that you cannot damage others with your driving style..."...and then coming out with a "sorry, we had to do it for everyone safety " ???

It's really unbelievable...

Maybe they were only searching for "the biggest wrong step in history at a corporate level" ?

Sure they haven't put on the plate the loss in trustfulness they had with this "masterpiece".


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