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Rumor: Sony to Start PS4 Production at End of 2011

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181w ago - Today Aaron Lee of DigiTimes.com (linked above) reports that according to Taiwan makers Sony is rumored to start production of the PS4 console at the end of 2011.

To quote: Sony will have Taiwan-based partners begin production of PlayStation 4 (PS4) featuring body movement-based control like Kinect at the end of 2011 for launch in 2012, according to Taiwan-based component makers.

Foxconn and Pegatron Technology, assemblers of PS3, will undertake assembly of PS4 as well, the sources pointed out.

The planned shipment volume of PS4 in 2012 is at least 20 million units, the sources indicated.

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#13 - technodon - 181w ago
technodon's Avatar
cant wait until geohot gets one

#12 - barrybarryk - 181w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
Backing storage generally has little impact on a games performance. There's no point in having a super fast HDD or SSD installed if you're games are going to be distributed on discs, unless you have to install them all in which case an SSD wouldn't be ideal since you'd be prioritising capacity over speed if each game is 10GB+. They'd be far better off just massively increasing the RAM capacity so loading sections are fewer and further between.

I think higher res than 1080p is also very unlikely since there's no demand for a greater resolution TV like 4k (Blu Ray spec wont change and TV broadcasters have barely even gotten into HD yet) and people have just bought their HD tv's.

#11 - Prince Valiant - 181w ago
Prince Valiant's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by leukotic View Post
I would imagine the PS4 would be using a SSD for performance reasons, although maybe not since they are significantly more expensive per GB than a HDD. But maybe in a few years, when the PS4 is ready to release, SSD's will be much cheaper. Worst case scenario is that it will be fully SSD-capable, meaning it has TRIM and all that other stuff to reduce the wear on the drive in case somebody wants to use a SSD. Cause while you can use a SSD in the PS3, I don't think it has TRIM capabilities (maybe it does, anybody know?)

One thing we can count on is that the PS4 will no doubt will be touch-technology ready, because that seems to be the way things are going nowadays (like with PSVita and Windows 8 for example). Not something I want to see happen, but that is the demand. I would also think that the PS4 will have to think ahead and up the maximum resolution beyond 1080p, because we are reaching the time now where 1080p isn't good enough for home HDTV's, and pretty soon we will start to see HDTV's that will go much higher than 1080p.

Either way it seems like the PS3 is finally starting to get up to speed and it still seems like developers haven't quite yet gotten all they can out of the PS3's power yet, plus it just feels too early for another one. Maybe in 2-3 years, but 2012? No way! In order to make something significantly better than the PS3 (which is what each new generation console aims to accomplish), the price tag would be enormous. In 2-3 years that technology will have dropped in price drastically and would be more reasonable. But not as early as 2012.

Solid state drives are still very expensive, a drive of sufficient size would drive the price up significantly. I also disagree on the resolution, most of the games on the PS3 are 1280x720 rather than 1920x1080. The only way I see support for a touch screen, is allowing the Vita to be used as a controller. I fail to see how 1920x1080 isn't a sufficient resolution for TV or games; unless you've got your face stuck to a 50"+ TV :P. Supporting higher resolutions would only cause whatever graphics processor they use to be more expensive, to support such resolutions without sacrificing quality. In 2013/14 prices might be a little more reasonable, like you said, certainly not next year though.
Quote Originally Posted by Viewtonic
Buying the PS3 was a mistake. Never again Sony...

There are plenty of games for it?

#10 - viewtonic - 181w ago
viewtonic's Avatar
Buying the PS3 was a mistake. Never again Sony...

#9 - barrybarryk - 181w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by madmax69 View Post
The game of chess begins from the big 3 with plans of the next gen wii rumored as well , wonder how they will get around the licensing of the kinect technology or will they have another lg case on there hands , suppose it's over to you know Microsoft to show us what your planning.

The next gen wii is hardly rumoured, Nintendo themselves unveiled it at e3. It's called the Wii U. Sony and Microsoft have both point blank denied they're releasing any new consoles (other than vita) in the next two years and their projected earnings back them up.

Microsoft are most likely to release a new console at the end of 2013 with a reveal next year at some point, with Sony at most a year behind them. Maybe later, but 100% definitely not before then otherwise investors would have already been notified and dev studios wouldn't be flat out denying they have the dev kits. As for Nintendos Wii U it's already confirmed for a 2012 launch, probably end of 2012 since the games are so early in development and they'll want to release around Christmas.


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