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Rumor: Sony to Remove OtherOS in Next PS3 Firmware Update

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253w ago - Update: Sony's Geoff Levand has now [Register or Login to view links], to quote: "SCE is committed to continue the support for previously sold models that have the 'Install Other OS' feature and that this feature will not be disabled in future firmware releases."

According to Owen Stampflee, a Linux Product Manager at Fixstars Corporation, Sony will remove OtherOS in the next PS3 Firmware update due to the recent GeoHot PS3 Hack.

Although this comes as no surprise to PlayStation 3 Slim owners, where OtherOS is already removed, it would contradict Sony's previous statement to standard PS3 owners.

To quote: "Everyone,

I've caught a rumor from a reputable source that the next firmware update for old PS3s will remove the OtherOS feature...

I'm not sure if it's true or not but it's in the best interest of the YDL community to spread the word.


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#52 - crazelunatic - 253w ago
crazelunatic's Avatar
The scumbaggeriness of removing otheros from slims is bad enough and i applaud the person who made the rant about piracy. Lets also not forget that people who pirate can also purchase what they've pirated. With that being said removing otheros will be a kick in da balls for whoever uses their linux for productive tasks. Word processor anyone?

#51 - crazelunatic - 253w ago
crazelunatic's Avatar
@ that person who made the piracy rant I say bravo. Lets not forget that people who pirate something may also decide to pay for it in the future.

Why can't people see piracy on the flip side and think free marketing gimmick... Anyways I dont think its gonna happen but it would be a scumbag move on Sony's part for preventing the use of an os which touts itself on being free.

+ if my anything happens to my windows 7 pc I have an extra comp that can do reports and whatnot

#50 - Pcsx2006 - 253w ago
Pcsx2006's Avatar
I think sony will not remove otheros completely from fat ps3 because if you look at the total sales of console so far fat ps3 sold 80% to 90% while slim sold about 10% to 20% and 20% to 30% those whom bought fat installed linux.

So i think its just a rumor but on the other side will try to implement tighter security to prevent this hack.

#49 - Ownedboy - 253w ago
Ownedboy's Avatar
well if the otheros is gone there must be a new way to hack the ps3.. i don't update my ps3 to the new one fw.

#48 - Inferis - 253w ago
Inferis's Avatar
That was an awesome post kakarotoks. I definitely agree with that one, and has been the way I have been for years.

I buy what I feel is worth the money (I've bought a ton of games over the years), and I buy when I have extra money to do it. If I don't have extra money, and I'm able to say, download a movie I think might be good but not sure of, I'll do it. If it's amazing I'll probably buy it, if it sux then I won't.

I just don't understand why I should be obligated to support companies that put out garbage games/movies. It just encourages them to pump more of them out, and flood the market with crap.


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