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Rumor: Sony Rep Reveals PS3 Backwards Compatibility Plans

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216w ago - Today TheGameHeadz.com (linked above) reports that a Rep revealed Sony's PS3 backwards compatibility plans to them at a recent press event.

While they didn't reveal their informant's name, a few months ago a patent for an adapter to make PS3 backwards compatible was uncovered.

To quote: "It was clear from our conversation that Sony likes the idea of backwards compatibility, but hadn't come to a conclusion until recently, on how to incorporate it.

The decision Sony finally came to is the one already in play, HD remastering.

"Remastering didn't come up until about two years ago. For a developer, remastering in HD took a moderate amount of time and effort to achieve, and with the right title it could be very successful. Once we noticed the benefits of HD remastering, the decision was made to use God of War 1 & 2 as the test for the market, and they delivered.

The God of War Collection had reached almost a million copies sold just after the holiday. Shortly aftter that Activision, EA, UbiSoft, Konami, and SquareEnix were all on board to issue ReMastered Edition of their best Playstation 2 Games."

He went on to say doing backwards compatibility through HD remastering is best for gamers, developers, and the PlayStation 3.

Gamers get to enjoy their favorite games in HD, with trophy support, remastered games fall under the licensing for the PlayStation 3 and are considered a PS3 title, and developers can reap a return on games they develop years ago.

Be prepared to play your favorite PlayStation 2 classics in Stereoscopic 3D, HD, and in digital 7.1 surround sound."

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#13 - hacked2123 - 216w ago
hacked2123's Avatar
Sly Cooper is on that list of "remastered/re-released/backwards compatible" (that's such a bologna term to using) games.

#12 - adrianc1982 - 216w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
The question is what's wrong with that? I mean I get rereleases all the time for stuff I didnt get on its own time. A pretty good example is the gow series I didnt play them on the ps2, or my watchmen book I got the newest edition because I've never read it. So what's wrong with rereleases?

PS3news got it right, preservation, all these collections, all the rereleases, the emus, the retro stuff the blast to the pasts are none other than preservation forms. I havent played, read, watched a lot of material thats pretty damn good now a days. Im still waiting to play FFVI once I get the time to play it, and thats a snes game!!

#11 - iederzijnmeis - 216w ago
iederzijnmeis's Avatar
Rerelease, just for a new start date for copyrights and new dollars, while keeping input costs low. It happens all the times, under every media copyrightlaw (books, music, movies, games etc. none excluded).

Television was the new Radio
VHS was the new BIOS/TV
VCD/CDi was the new VHS
DVD was the new VCD/CDi
HD-DVD was ment to be the new DVD, but BluRay got it right.

Now everything is going to be Full HD with 3D along the corner. Tomorrow people decide to drop 3D or get heavy migrains and another media is there to take over...

#10 - xxxgizmoxxx - 216w ago
xxxgizmoxxx's Avatar
And have they stated which update they will be terminating it with?

#9 - Jes03 - 216w ago
Jes03's Avatar
This is total BS. It's not Backwards Compatibility but re-releasing games and making consumers pay again for a game they already own.

If they were so interested in BC then why the heck did they remove it in the first place?


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