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Rumor: Sony Close to Acquiring High-Profile Cloud Gaming Firm

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133w ago - Following up on our previous article, today MCVUK (linked above) reports that according to their sources Sony is indeed close to acquiring a high-profile cloud gaming firm.

To quote: "In a move that will rock the next generation of console gaming, Sony is close to agreeing an acquisition of a high profile cloud gaming firm, MCV understands.

It was reported earlier this week that Sony was to reveal a partnership with a cloud gaming firm - specifically either OnLive or Gaikai - at E3 next week.

Subsequent chatter had seemingly calmed the rumours, suggesting that the proposed agreement was to do with Sony streaming TV services, and not consoles.

However, MCV understands that the deal is far more extensive than anyone could have predicted and will see Sony fully acquire one of the two firms. The deal, our source says, "is close to being signed".

The acquisition has implications for all parts of Sony's business, both in the consumer tech and console divisions.

Although work on PS4 is already well underway, Sony is very likely keen on bringing its PlayStation gaming content to non-console owners - a move finally made possible by this deal.

And there could be benefits for console users, too, with gaming content likely to be available when on the move and without the need for a direct connection to the console.

If nothing else, the deal should hit home the fact that the digital gaming revolution is not a distant dream - it's happening. Now. And the implications for games retail are both obvious and colossal."

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#12 - DaedalusMinion - 134w ago
DaedalusMinion's Avatar
Cloud Gaming would indicate that games would be sold at lower prices. But as always, there's a downside. Those who do not have a connection which is fast enough to allow excessive streaming and extremely low ping value would suffer. It's a good idea, but not one that will be appealing to all.

#11 - GrandpaHomer - 134w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
2 jarvis:

Maybe it will be a bit different concept - not pay per game but sub based - fixed monthly fee and play naything you want from the available games library. Also - I'm pretty sure the types of the games (at least in the start) would be those not greatly affected by latency - so rather that top notch FPS and so on it will be nore Adventure, platform or puzzle games of middle to low grade. On other hand - for an affordable fee - why not - instead of purchasing a bunch of low rated games to play them just for a few hours for the same money.

#10 - adrianc1982 - 134w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
Hey guys i'm a fan of what the psn is bringing to gamers, the ease of use and the features are amazing. Sure maybe some stuff is overpriced but the options you get as a gamer are light years from what we had 6 - 7 years ago, just last generation you had to have a super-uber-turbo hacked console to get on par with what the LEGAL psn offers now a days to the average joe. So if having a streaming gaming service like onlive is there well if you can take advantage from it, do it!!

I'm so happy and cheering all sony has done with the psn because at this rate by next generation or 5 - 6 years from now we will have the ultimate gaming device, because I used to hack to get games that where not available locally or old games that were not sold today. Preservation wont be a problem and we will be able to play most generation games whenever we want for a couple of bucks.

Now if we dont need to change hardware or if you DON'T want to change hardware and can take advantage of things like onlive imagine getting a ps3 for 100 bucks(when ps4 hits stores and ps3 is last gen)!! Having access to all those ps1 classics, ps2 classics, psn games, psn minis, music, videos, etc. Sorry if im overhyping these features, I'm just so happy to be a psn costumer.

#9 - niwakun - 134w ago
niwakun's Avatar
I doubt it, a monitor with 2-3ms latency is a bit problematic on some games but streaming it over the internet? well good luck with the average 8-10ms (local) latency and 10-80ms latency international.

#8 - elser1 - 134w ago
elser1's Avatar
you can buy diablo 3 at gameshop on disc. i have no opinion cloud gaming as i've never done it. i'd have to do it to see what its like, but i'd give it a go i guess. aus internet isn't that fast yet.. still waiting for the fibre optics to be installed but should be awesome then. might help. lol


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