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Rumor: Sony Chooses IBM Power7 CPU for PlayStation 4 in 2012

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264w ago - According to Dutch site PS3Clan.nl (linked above), Sony is rumored to have selected IBM's Power7 CPU for their next-generation console tentatively called the PlayStation 4.

Below are a few fan-made concept pictures of what the PS4 could look like when it allegedly debuts in 2012, as well as a rough translation which states "it is a rumor, and not confirmed by Sony."

To quote: "After earlier reports about the new GPU for PlayStation 4 Sony is now told that the IBM Power CPU 7 has selected the next generation console the PlayStation 4.

"We can officially reveal in this world exclusive that SCEI has officially chosen IBM's currently in development [Register or Login to view links] architecture for it's PlayStation 4 system, currently scheduled for a 2012 worldwide release.

IBM shall debut POWER7 for the server market in the summer of 2010. The PlayStation 4 shall use a cost effective version of the architecture custom designed for Sony's specific needs.

The only information FGNOnline currently has available regarding specifications and performance is that the PS4 implementation of the chip shall use 6-8 cores, 24-32MB shared L3 Cache, Quad threading per core, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS.

The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 double precision GFLOPS. The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 GFLOPS double precision. This would give the PS4 a performance leap of over 10 fold over it's predecessor.

Interestingly, the primary reason IBM cancelled development on the CELL based PoweXcell 8i is because of SCEI's change of stance. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favored by third party developers.

As displayed by it's choice of processors, the server based POWER7 and the TBDR based PowerVR 6, SCEI once again has sights set for performance leadership in the next round."

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#9 - drummermike - 264w ago
drummermike's Avatar
Personally, I think this looks a bit goofy coming from Sony. Their designs have always been pertaining to a rectangular shape, and turning to the limited edition Xbox 360 spherical model's inspiration is certainly digressing from the PlayStation norm. Nevertheless, this 'POWER7' CPU seems rather exciting in console terms and will surely boost market value of the 'PS4'.

Even though Sony said they would aim to make their next generation console in 2011/2012, but talks suggest that they haven't made enough income on the current PS3 - so they won't be developing ahead of their rivals markets in the mean time.

Although, pioneering three dimensional gaming this Christmas, on 1080p full high definition, the PS3 appears to be getting along fine, still advancing with the latest technology. Xbox has Sky, but PlayStation has Play TV; Xbox has Facebook, but PlayStation has an Internet Browser - the arguement will never end...

#8 - Chivafighter - 264w ago
Chivafighter's Avatar
Thats awesome and all, but yes 2012 is too early for the Playstation 4, people are still barely starting to get into the PS3 right now. In two years to release a brand new console? i dont really see it working in the marketing part... but hey isnt windows 8 coming out in 2012? lol

#7 - hosmy - 264w ago
hosmy's Avatar
anyway playstation brand goes down

ps2 = 138 mil
ps3 = i'd say much less than 100 mil till ps4, maybe a half
psp = 55 mil, sells better than ps3, homebew is a +
ps4 = less than ps3

xbox360 = much more than xbox one
Wii = 60~ mil and keeps goin`

IMO ps3 lose because of price and lack of homebrew.If ps3 isn't hacked till ps4, next ps will have his fate, i say this because i know many ppl who bought ps3 and they waited for something to arrive. They regret it now

#6 - mihaiolimpiu - 264w ago
mihaiolimpiu's Avatar
Seeing as Sony always released a new console supporting a new Disc Format.. it should be the right choice, if they don't choose to support Blu-ray even after that date!

#5 - livpool - 264w ago
livpool's Avatar
2015-2016 either would be a good year to bring out a new PlayStation console, because the new HVD (holographic versatile disk) are expected to be completed by around that time.


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