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Rumor: Sony Chooses IBM Power7 CPU for PlayStation 4 in 2012

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264w ago - According to Dutch site PS3Clan.nl (linked above), Sony is rumored to have selected IBM's Power7 CPU for their next-generation console tentatively called the PlayStation 4.

Below are a few fan-made concept pictures of what the PS4 could look like when it allegedly debuts in 2012, as well as a rough translation which states "it is a rumor, and not confirmed by Sony."

To quote: "After earlier reports about the new GPU for PlayStation 4 Sony is now told that the IBM Power CPU 7 has selected the next generation console the PlayStation 4.

"We can officially reveal in this world exclusive that SCEI has officially chosen IBM's currently in development [Register or Login to view links] architecture for it's PlayStation 4 system, currently scheduled for a 2012 worldwide release.

IBM shall debut POWER7 for the server market in the summer of 2010. The PlayStation 4 shall use a cost effective version of the architecture custom designed for Sony's specific needs.

The only information FGNOnline currently has available regarding specifications and performance is that the PS4 implementation of the chip shall use 6-8 cores, 24-32MB shared L3 Cache, Quad threading per core, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS.

The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 double precision GFLOPS. The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 GFLOPS double precision. This would give the PS4 a performance leap of over 10 fold over it's predecessor.

Interestingly, the primary reason IBM cancelled development on the CELL based PoweXcell 8i is because of SCEI's change of stance. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favored by third party developers.

As displayed by it's choice of processors, the server based POWER7 and the TBDR based PowerVR 6, SCEI once again has sights set for performance leadership in the next round."

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#34 - cfwprophet - 264w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
This is no counter or reall good argument!!!To be disciplined i will put the sales of your Country to the US.So your country sales NOW, for our controversy, does matter ok?Fine!

Here are the current sales -
Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 21st November 2009

DS = 749,934 Total = 114,761,729 (+52%)
Wii = 702,186 Total = 57,378,748 (+26%)
PS3 = 359,417 Total = 27,040,999 (+10%)
x360 = 285,460 Total = 33,658,257 (-3%)
psp = 207,594 Total = 53,007,562 (+12%)
PS2 = 82,043 Total = 133,115,546 (+18%)

You see?PS3 got a + of 10% wile x360 loos -3%.Your finished!!You could not to counter this fact!!And again let us say that 2012 a next gen will apear then we still have 3 years with the PS3 to reach the goal of a second hardware sales place.

By the way have you seen?Even the PS2 have a + of 18%.And you talking about that Sony loos? (hehehehe)

But i have to say THX to you.Really no Joke.You broth me to an idea.I will open up a Thread and weekly post the hardware sales to be ready and celebrate when the PS3 reach Place 2 off hardware sales world wide and beat the x360 with that without being hacked

#33 - victor307664 - 264w ago
victor307664's Avatar
I dont really understand why they would release a PS4 when they really haven't shown the potential of the ps3. Maybe the ps3 really is over rated. With all the specs given on the system, what's really holding sony back? Am I just expecting too much for a system we paid anywheres from $400-$1000?

#32 - semitope - 264w ago
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
At semitope

Your continent is not even listed so...it doesnt matter!!

I dont need to counter you if you arent even understanding what i say. Here we import from US retailers/etailers. Elsewhere they would import from europe or wherever they can. Do you really think your sales figures cover our local stores and those in other countries? Our sales pretty much fall under US sales.

#31 - cfwprophet - 264w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
At semitope
Your in a hack scene, talking about to love backup games (with good reasons) start to argument why Sony loose in case of not being hacked and if some one give you more than one counter to think about it you dindt answer and stating like:
Prophet you are rude and not worth responding to, I did not read your post beyond your insult. For the rest, the world is not black and white. There is a little bit of grey even if you don't want to see it.

I will tell you what i see - Actuel Sales of Consoles are

Wii = 57,38 Million
x360 = 33,66 Million
PS3 = 27,04 Million

You really belive that countrys like yours really doesnt matter about the console marked?

Actuell sales of Continents

Wii = 26,40 Million
x360 = 19,39 Million
PS3 = 10,45 Million

Wii = 8,78 Million
x360 = 1,19 Million
PS3 = 3,92 Million

Wii = 22,20 Million
x360 = 13,08 Million
PS3 = 12,67 Million

Your continent is not even listed so...it doesnt matter!!

And if you give a little comparison to the World wide sales there is only a diff of 6 Millions from x360 to PS3.This diff let you say that pirating does matter for a console to be the successor? (attemption now you can laugh again about the many Dont's)
Dont forget the fact the x360 would be released before the PS3.
Dont forget the fact the PS3 have cost a lot more then the x360.
Also dont forget the fact that surely 1/3 of all x360 users will have there 2 or 3 console and this also pushes the sales.

You argumenting with that that pirating games can help developers?Do you even know that the concerns have the bigger holding of the profit from games and that this developers most time loos more then you can imaging?

And backing up games should help them?

If Hombrew and the ability to pirate your games will be the fact of a success of a console and even if 2012 will come a new next gen (then we would also have half time and 2-3 years of sales for this gen) how then could it be that Sony with a UNHACKABLE console will only be 6 Million Units behind Ms and the x360 World Wide?

Should the range between this both not much bigger?

Come on counter me, not only talking BS "You dont read my posts becouse im rude".Give me a good argument to proof that you know what your talking.Ive gaved you three posts full of arguments and you really couldnt answer or dis one single of them.

Be rude my forums mate becouse the World is more then rude and if you really come from a "3rd World Country" then you know that better then me.

Beside that we are talking... and if you maybe know, to stop talking will most times end in a war...so talk with me be rude, be civilised and counter me

#30 - themcbrooms - 264w ago
themcbrooms's Avatar
You all have it wrong (well most).

Because of the economy, people are not ready for the normal console cycle. What should be the ps4 will be the ps3 with the motion control, just like the GC with motion control was the wii.

Same for the xbox with natal.

The motion control paradigm will be the refresh that will prolong the current gen 4+ years. 2014-2015 is the best bet for the ps4. Also, that mock-up looks like crap and it didn't take into consideration the motion control change that is coming to the rest of the console world in 2010.


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