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Rumor: Sony Chooses IBM Power7 CPU for PlayStation 4 in 2012

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264w ago - According to Dutch site PS3Clan.nl (linked above), Sony is rumored to have selected IBM's Power7 CPU for their next-generation console tentatively called the PlayStation 4.

Below are a few fan-made concept pictures of what the PS4 could look like when it allegedly debuts in 2012, as well as a rough translation which states "it is a rumor, and not confirmed by Sony."

To quote: "After earlier reports about the new GPU for PlayStation 4 Sony is now told that the IBM Power CPU 7 has selected the next generation console the PlayStation 4.

"We can officially reveal in this world exclusive that SCEI has officially chosen IBM's currently in development [Register or Login to view links] architecture for it's PlayStation 4 system, currently scheduled for a 2012 worldwide release.

IBM shall debut POWER7 for the server market in the summer of 2010. The PlayStation 4 shall use a cost effective version of the architecture custom designed for Sony's specific needs.

The only information FGNOnline currently has available regarding specifications and performance is that the PS4 implementation of the chip shall use 6-8 cores, 24-32MB shared L3 Cache, Quad threading per core, and a double precision performance approaching 200GFLOPS.

The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 double precision GFLOPS. The CELL chip which powers the PS3 is capable of 15 GFLOPS double precision. This would give the PS4 a performance leap of over 10 fold over it's predecessor.

Interestingly, the primary reason IBM cancelled development on the CELL based PoweXcell 8i is because of SCEI's change of stance. The company wanted to move away from the exotic architecture employed for the PS3 to a more traditional architecture favored by third party developers.

As displayed by it's choice of processors, the server based POWER7 and the TBDR based PowerVR 6, SCEI once again has sights set for performance leadership in the next round."

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#44 - cfwprophet - 264w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
Then keep your mouth about "Im from a 3rd World country we can not afford games".

But anyway every one here with little bit more of brain and ethics can see that you both dont really have one single good argument.

The fact that the other consoles are hackable doesnt matter.But the fact that plz like you to state things like "A Unhackable Console can not have success" and the PS3 sales are just 6 Millions behind the x360 and keep moving up does matter.

You both (it seems) dont have realized that the PS3 is the 1st UNHACKABLE console in History so all your nice talking is just and simply crap!!

If this gen would be over and you could compare the sales to the other consoles of the same gen THEN you could say it does matter.But till the first unhackable console and the end of the gen you couldnt say nothing.Just watch the weeklys sales.

But every time funny to read your both posts about that.The World wide sales also include the sales that other ones buy (maybe) in the US and then resell it in a other country.

Sales are Sales my frinds if here or there or any where doesnt matter.And only the fact that some countrys will not be listed should say enough.

At last i never sayed that the x360 is the only hackable console.But if you want to do a comparison with the Wii what would be selled to the release for 250€ and was the cheapesd one, beside the fact that they hyped the whole clobus with here Wii mote, and if you really want to do a comparison to other consoles then the x360 or handhelds then you both have absolutely no clue what your talking about.

#43 - semitope - 264w ago
semitope's Avatar
lol. its not always about poor though, someone making the same as someone else in the US etc would pay more to get the same game and have a harder time doing it.

Why should i move just so i can buy games anyway?

#42 - CyanCaze - 264w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
Ok, it isnt. I personally love backups because i don't have a game rental service here and it costs a fortune to get a single game. You guys just keep thinking it doesn't have any possibly good points because it can't possibly have any. Take a poll of ps3/360 in my country and you will see the ps3 is hard to find. Not that the 360 owners don't buy games, cause they do.

On your 2nd point they wouldn't allow an open source console, its the same mindset that allows you to make that argument that would prevent them from doing so. (=/= linux )

If you're that poor where you live, I would recommend moving to the U.S. or Canada ASAP, and building a new life here.

#41 - semitope - 264w ago
semitope's Avatar
Also with regard to those stats- Worldwide sales are a funny thing. remember the news about ps2 launching in brazil? Now they will be counting brazil ps2 sales in worldwide sales i presume but guess what? Ps2s would have been in brazil long before that through imports from the states.

#40 - hosmy - 264w ago
hosmy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post

Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 21st November 2009

DS = 749,934 Total = 114,761,729 (+52%)
Wii = 702,186 Total = 57,378,748 (+26%)
PS3 = 359,417 Total = 27,040,999 (+10%)
x360 = 285,460 Total = 33,658,257 (-3%)
psp = 207,594 Total = 53,007,562 (+12%)
PS2 = 82,043 Total = 133,115,546 (+18%)

You see?PS3 got a + of 10% wile x360 loos -3%.Your finished!!

But only X360 is modable?

Look at the DS (+52%) or Wii (+26%)
For the PS2 there are two major reasons: very cheap games and HB, since can be used like a movie player/mp3 player/etc


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