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Rumor: PS3 Firmware 2.80 Update is No Longer Optional?

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269w ago - I slapped the 'rumor' status on this one for now until others can confirm it... today TheSixthAxis.com (linked above) via [Register or Login to view links] are claiming that Sony finally pushed the button marked "obligatory" on PS3 Firmware Update 2.80.

This comes after Sony's Director of Network Operations stated that with 2.8 it was an option to update as there wasn't any consumer-specific functionality.

According to both the [Register or Login to view links] and [Register or Login to view links] Updaters, it still is showing only 2.76 is required to go online with the PS3, as follows:


If anyone can confirm otherwise, feel free to do so in the comments below!

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GrandpaHomer's Avatar
#14 - GrandpaHomer - 269w ago
I was forced to update to 2.8 when i updated vidzone at the weekend.

The same here - I was pushed to update my second PS3 (80 GB EU model) to 2.80 yesterday evening after VidZone update - so it IS (semi)mandatory now ...

My first (60 GB EU Model) was updated already for a while as I'm using the Text Chat a lot and it was improved considerably with 2.80 ...

Norman Bates's Avatar
#13 - Norman Bates - 269w ago
I was forced to update to 2.8 when i updated vidzone at the weekend.

I've read rumors about 2.80 containing some updates for vidzone, maybe thats why you had to update your firmware. Still waiting for vidzone to come out in Sweden.

ionbladez's Avatar
#12 - ionbladez - 269w ago
40GB PS3, USA, FW 2.76 - Logs in, playing socom now.

RadioactiveSoup's Avatar
#11 - RadioactiveSoup - 269w ago
Just checked, still running on 2.76 with no forced update.

maxpwer222's Avatar
#10 - maxpwer222 - 269w ago
why would they force you to update??
Various reasons. Mostly because they can or the updates build upon each other.

I have not been asked to upgrade yet. US.

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