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Rumor: PS3 Cross-Game Chat Restricted to Paid PSN Subscribers

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253w ago - Sony has previously confirmed that PS3 cross-game voice chat is coming, however, the question now is whether it will be offered only to paid PSN subscribers as part of their upcoming service in 2010.

Today GamesThirst.com (linked above) believes that is the case, based on an excerpt from the latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PTOM).

To quote: "Aside from the 3D goodness, cross-game party chat is the obvious "next big feature," even though it might be restricted to paid [PSN] subscribers."

Earlier in the same thread speaking about motion controls, the writer said this:

"Sony's current service is one of the PS3's best features, so we'd begrudgingly welcome a revamped PSN with extra subscriber functionality, like cross-game-chat and exclusive PSN downloads."

So what do you make of all this? Would you pay for cross-game chat on Sony's online service?

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#10 - cyberbob - 253w ago
cyberbob's Avatar
I hope it's not true because the cross game chat is a very good thing. If we had to paid, i'll will be like the xboxlive.

#9 - Rahimamir786 - 253w ago
Rahimamir786's Avatar
Guys stop whining... It's just a rumor damn it.

#8 - Kellog - 253w ago
Kellog's Avatar
Hard to believe this could be true. I have been waiting cross game chat forever, but if it's gonna be charged service, it will be meaningless for me. Even if I would be ready to pay for the service, probably most of my friends would not and buying the service would not help me anyway.

The only way this could have any meaning, would be, if it would be enough that for example the connection maker would have paid for the service.

Not a big thing anyway, have been using messenger/skype/gsm for same purpose years now and not a good enough reason to begin pay for any extra service.

I don't doubt there will be some chargeable psn services, but I don't believe cross game chatting will be one of them.

#7 - kakarotoks - 253w ago
kakarotoks's Avatar
Humm, I don't think this would work.. I don't think they would have a reason for charging people for such a feature.. I work on VoIP technologies, and I'm pretty sure that at least 95% of the users will be able to establish a peer to peer connection, so you'd only be paying for a few protocol messages? I don't think so... maybe they can make their relay servers (for the remaining 5% that are firewalled and behind symetric NATs) on the paid service.. something like "advanced connectivity success for cross game chat"...

But like Zoddi said, it all depends on how much you'd have to pay.. and obviously, this service would be one of many advantages coming with a paid subscription.. so it's not like the price only applies to that feature...

p.s: I really don't care about cross game chat, and I would never use it, even for free...

#6 - shummyr - 253w ago
shummyr's Avatar
I honestly don't see this working out well, due to the fact that this has been promised since launch almost. Making people pay for something that should be free.


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