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Resident Evil 5 for PS3: Next-Gen Graphics, Last-Gen Game Play

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304w ago - By now, many of you have played the Resident Evil 5 Demo. It's apparent to most the demo has outstanding graphics; truly next generation graphics (current gen).

It's hard not to think why Capcom would deliver on outstanding graphics, but deliver a horrendous game play. Sure this was acceptable last generation for various reasons. Take a look at what I mean.

When Resident Evil first came out you could not run and shoot at the same time but back then the game play was forgiving because the monsters were slow and you can literally run around them. Just seeing Resident Evil was so amazing that you just wanted to play it and get out of Raccoon city.

Everyone is talking about how Resident Evil is not supposed to be a Run-And-Gun; Capcom is trying to keep it original. If Capcom was truly trying to keep it original, what's up with RE4&5? Why the major change with the camera and why the change of zombies?

If Capcom was trying to keep it original, they never would of change anything. They are trying to bring new people to the series, and by this, they will need a serious overhaul. They succeeded in graphics, unfortunately, only graphics and not game play.

It's 2009 and certain things in game play these days are not as forgivable. What I'm trying to point out is that the zombies run at you with weapons in a big group. You can't just shoot; you need to run as well.

Capcom tried to justify this by saying "Have you ever tried running and shooting?", this is a stupid comment seeing how their games aren't supposed to be real. And another thing, why do the zombies hesitate to kill you? I mean when they run up to you, they'll stop and walk when they're around 5 to 6 feet close.

They also hesitate on their attacks; for instance the Chainsaw Majini will not cut you till about 2 seconds after approaching you. Why the hesitation? This needs to be patched, there still is time.

Resident Evil 5 needs a more dynamic fluid style of game play to accommodate the action that Capcom is throwing at us. Example: Imagine if you had the Uncharted game play controls with the Classic Resident Evil environments and you were able to run, jump, roll, hang off ledges & shoot, and a hand to hand combat system.

This would make RE5 a definite nominee for game of the year if that game play was there but instead you fight in a zombie infested world where you have to barricade yourself, stand still and shoot. You have co-op which is a great addition especially for the online aspect of the game; an important feature seeing how gaming is moving to a more online based system.

Capcom gave us a 180 degree turn just so you can run away easier; but we still need a more fluid system for RE5. Now people would say that RE4 was great so why complain now, because we don't want a RE4 nor RE4.5; we want next gen graphics which we got along side next gen game play and that's what we are missing! Wouldn't you agree?

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#8 - factnfiction101 - 304w ago
factnfiction101's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by silverwolf60 View Post
I have to disagree with this article. I've always loved the controls style in RE it is balanced the movements are restricted but so are the enemies eg. that hesitation you mentioned that's not going to be patched because it was an intentional design and without it people would then complain of the enemies behind too fast.

If there is only one problem I have with this game it's the fact that you'll never be alone...an addition of a buddy/partner kills a lot of the atmosphere and tension but this co-op regardless will be a major selling point for this game and so will the graphics simply because they look amazing.

They say never to judge a book by its cover but we do it all the time when it comes to games...

Anyway thanks for reading if you did.

I liked the demo and I think RE5 will be worth buying, maybe not when it first comes out, but down the road (I'm cheap and still buying last gen games...). It seems like a good sequel to RE4.

I don't care for the atmosphere of some of the newer Resident Evil games. I loved 1 and 2, part 3 was ok. I loved the spook house feeling, and the stories were good. I guess things have to progress and evolve eventually wether it's for the better or not. Slow moving zombies have to be replaced with fast moving weapon wielding zombies, but delayed responses.

#7 - Kid Colt II - 304w ago
Kid Colt II's Avatar
I've played through the demo many times already, absolutely lovin' it.

#6 - ssneeky10 - 304w ago
ssneeky10's Avatar
Always always loved resident evil series and just cant wait for this.

Read somewhere that gamestop i think will be so sure you like this game that they will give you your money back if you dont.

#5 - F1r3f0x - 304w ago
F1r3f0x's Avatar
too bad they miss on the gameplay part, I was really hoping for this to turn out a great game... really disappointed.

#4 - adrianc1982 - 304w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
I have to agree with the above poster, even if I didnt like the RE5 demo the gameplay is supposed to be like that, I mentioned in another post it feeled like a rehash but never said it had a bad gameplay. The gameplay here is a proven formula that worked in the past and capcom didnt want to take a risk in modifing that.

Sure all arguements sound stupid since we are talking about a zombie game but then again who said zombies are fast or slow? have you ever seen one? The "challenge" in the game is to clear out the rooms with crippled mobility and tons of monsters to fight and feel rewarded just by doing so and yes you need strategy for this.

The lack of innovation in gameplay and moving away from the original RE gameplay is what made me hate it. If you want to make a new zombie game do it and use another universe and make a new ip but dont ruin the great franchise resident evil is by changing its style. Raccon city, slow zombies, few zombies and bosses, twists thats what we loved the dark ambience and all the great things we played before thats what resident evil was. RE4 and RE5 should have been called something else and praise it for their new gameplay and build a solid story around a new franchse.


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