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Resident Evil 5 Demo - PlayStation 3 vs XBox 360 Comparison

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312w ago - What follows is a comparison of the Biohazard 5 demos which were recently released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

What you should keep in mind when viewing the pictures below is that, as of the publishing of this article, the game still has three months of development time and any of the things you see below could very well be changed by the time the game is released.

Another thing you should note is that I took these shots through component video output on both consoles. Its common knowledge that the Xbox 360 has a sharper output that the PlayStation 3.

As with most multi-platform releases, it's standard practice for different platforms to be on different build releases as they are created. So while these two demos were released just a few weeks apart, it's very likely that one of them is using old assets and code, which may help explain some of the differences.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that you aren't viewing these screenshots in an uncompressed format, however the same compression levels were used for each version.

We'll start by running through the Shanty Town stage. When I first began comparing the images I had captured against each other, I was immediately struck by the color timing differences. T

he Xbox 360 version seems to have more of a green tint to it, and the PlayStation 3 seems to have more of a red tone. To my eyes, the PlayStation 3 version looks a bit more natural, but this is entirely up to your viewing preferences.

Looking around further, I noticed that the shadows on the PlayStation 3 version seem to be running in a lower precision mode, and in some area's they are not cast as heavily as the Xbox 360 version.

Moving into the cabin reveals that the 360 version has some better looking shaders and textures on the meat piles that are on the tables. The skulls seem to be affected as well, but this could just be the default sharpness output making that difference.

Moving outside, we get the first cutscene. The volume of smoke that billows out in the background of the stage is not as full in the PlayStation 3 version.

Both versions of the game suffer from the artifacting that is a hallmark of the MT Framework engine on the consoles. Thanks to the higher precision motion blur on the PC, this isn't an issue. You can also see some more shadow differences on the rebar and columns.

After viewing more textures that seemed to be lower resolution, it appears as if this may just be limited to certain shaders, or specular maps. It could possibly be a limitation of the MT Framework engine when running on PS3.

Check out the rest of the comparison pics and details linked above, and the pictures below are the PlayStation 3 version first followed by the Xbox 360 version for comparision!

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#9 - linked - 311w ago
linked's Avatar
The ps3 looks smoother and clearer and hope the full game keeps to this as well.

i think the ps3 has the edge for graphics on the 360 and game loading time espically in game play.

roll on the release of res 5!

#8 - max40watt - 311w ago
max40watt's Avatar
It's always interesting to see a visual or gameplay comparison between the two systems for any multi platform release game. Although I must admit that the only time it really sways me to one side is when the game itself is only single player. For something like this, where I plan on playing through the game with a friend on co-op, I always end up getting the 360 version regardless, just because that's what my friends have.

#7 - xxLindenxx - 312w ago
xxLindenxx's Avatar
the only way to really know would be to wait for the full release and plug it in HDMI.

#6 - DMagic1 - 312w ago
DMagic1's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by haohou View Post
i have studied both pictures for minutes and found only differences in color..

but i think it will be more comparsion when watching the dynamic pictures

If you enlarge both in two windows you can tell differences on the wall textures and the columns most. Helps if you switch back in forth between the two. The 360 is much more detailed. PS3 looks blurred especially in the far off walls.

I actually looked at the two picture and decided which looks best before checking what version each was. I picked the 360 with the better shadows and textures.

#5 - B4rtj4h - 312w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Tested myself here on LG 32LCR with both PS3 and 360 hooked up on HDMI.

I say that the Ps3 version looks a little smoother and moves a little faster than the 360. Or is that just me ??


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