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Record of Agarest War for PS3 to Be Largest PSN Game Ever

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264w ago - Those who balked over the MAG PS3 Beta size may want to take a time out and breathe before you consider downloading Record of Agarest from Sony's PlayStation Network.

[Register or Login to view links] is reporting that according to Aksys employee Belisarius it is [Register or Login to view links] to weigh in at around 8 to 10 gigs in size.

Obviously, eight to ten gigabytes isn't going to be a space issue for most people's PS3 hard drive, however, the time it'll take to download via PSN is another story.

To quote: "All right guys, I figured you might like to hear a reasonably official word on this, so here it is:

I asked around, and it looks like the final size is going to be somewhere around 8-10 gigs. It sounds like a lot, I know, but I've been downloading the debug ROMs at home to take the load off our office internet, and they only take a few hours--I usually start them when I leave for work, and they're done by lunch. My internet connection is nothing special either--about 500 kb/s on a good day.

So there you have it. 8-10 gigs. We should a more solid number closer to release."

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#20 - CJPC - 263w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Nistelroy78 View Post

But if they use correct coding, they can actually make the game download main / core files for game, and then decide if you want to let it download in background while playing - So you maybe from start have the first 50 % of the game on HDD - And the rest is actually continous downloading in background

That's not a bad idea - the only two issues I see with it, namely many Dev's at times use "BIG" files, I mean a handful of 4gb files, that are most of the content - I suppose if it was split up, it would be good.

Secondly, you thought loading times from BD was slow, imagine loading times over the internet! I mean, considering you could fly through a game level before the next downloads, if it was done correct however, it could work quite well.

#19 - Nistelroy78 - 264w ago
Nistelroy78's Avatar
First i would like to comment the Argentine Guy - Because he seem to think Argentina Retailers er taken overprice - and i know people from South America in general dont earn same kind of money as we do in Europe, or Scandinavia just to mention - I live in Denmark, and you wouldnt believe this but we actually have one of the most expensive countries in the world. And a fact you "Cry" over like 50 Dollars, make me think that even you have lower average income than a average annual income in Denmark, you still save more money, than you think - You Actually only pay for the Distribution of a blu-ray disc, the Money for the producers of the Game, Money for the Carriers there ships it.

Here in Denmark, we pay the amount of 75-90 Dollars, for PS3 Game, and this is because our country takeii like 25 % Tax on every thing there is being sold - Sov if the price is your only decision for downloading then , you make should think "How much money will it cost you in inactive time to set the PS3 to download maybe up to 6-8 hours , where you cant use the PS3.

Back to Topic

I actually dont think , this is going being any problem, and actually i would believe when a game is that big, (Or actually its kind of Small Size, when you know that a Blu-Ray can have at least 50 GB on) .. i Know the author mention the Debug Version was like 6-8 hours but, that is Debug Version this need to be full - But if they use correct coding, they can actually make the game download main / core files for game, and then decide if you want to let it download in background while playing - So you maybe from start have the first 50 % of the game on HDD - And the rest is actually continous downloading in background - But the idea of all big games is becoming PSN availible im not fan of. Because this will actually give a issue if you buy a game , and you dont actually like it - Then you have spend money you not can at least get some back from and buy a new as a trade in.- I have bougt Burnout Paradise but it was because it was the easiest way but not cheapest,because actually was the price like 20-30 Danish Kroner (Its about 6-8 Dollars depend on the rate and at that time the Dollars was higher than normal so when it was on the creditcard note i saw it. -

The good part with this is you can just turn on the PS3 , and dont think about changing Disc if you have another in it. It was probaly also the reason i actually play it so much because when i get home after 12 hours work and finally sit in sofa to watch TV and there isnt anything i want to see then its actually comfortable just to turn on with the controller , watch through the game list and press Start. I was also almost doing it with Warhawk but i thought it was maybe not my kind of game, so i bought in on Disc , so i could exchange it if i didnt like it - But i did so its still in my collection

#18 - adrianc1982 - 264w ago
adrianc1982's Avatar
We have retail stores here in mexico which are not too expensive the games usually cost 10 - 12 usd more than in usa, which is fair considering taxes and whatnot. The real problem is they have the newest games and most popular sure they can have a 2007 game but thats because its a greatest hit, even 2005 games but again its because its a great seller. Sales move the stock here and thats the problem.

Games are not available the ones you want, if its a couple of years old forget it no way you are getting it by legal ways. Sure amazon carrys all the ps2, ps3 library and very cheap by the way but customs fees plus international shipping rates make the game skyrocket and you have to fill in papers sometimes to get your game. Also remember it can easily get stolen by the customs or any other mail carrier since its an international shipping they know its hard to complain, not imposible just hard. So yeah the psn is a great alternative.

Also street dates, a couple of months ago we didnt have the same street dates as the USA, a title could take up to 3 weeks or even a month to arrive at retails stores here. Since september I think we now have the exact same street dates as the USA(thank god), but my only real complain in my country is the library, thats the only problem, adding 10 dlls to the final price is okay with me. Sorry for the long post and sorry if Im getting off topic, just wanted to be a little informative for people outside the USA.

#17 - dc740 - 264w ago
dc740's Avatar
I don't buy it using Amazon or any other online seller cause:
the shipping costs are not so low.
the VERY HIGH custom duties make the price of the product almost twice as expensive as a regular product when it arrives Argentina.

In the end... there are three ways to buy a game in Argentina (which is a third world country, I have to admit):

*You buy it in the retail store at twice the original price
*You buy it online on places like ebay or whatevet you like. You still pay twice the original price, but you also have to worry about the customs. Sometimes they just decide to keep the product with them, and you have to fill a claim.
* You buy it at the PSN, at the real price. Which is an affordable price. But you have to hope that the game you want is available which is REALLY hard.

#16 - mnsmwo - 264w ago
mnsmwo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dc740 View Post
that's great! I would love to see more REAL games on the PSN. In Argentina, every game costs twice the original price (shipping costs, and the traders are basically stealing our money).

I bought Burnout at 20usd... guess what? the Bluray copy of the game costs 50 usd!!!!! That's way too much difference!

Living in a 3rd-world country myself (not saying that Argentina is one), I see much of the same problem here. But why don't you simply order the disc online? Burnout Paradise is less than $20 on Amazon right now, which is the price I just recently bought it at.

A bigger problem for me would be just what the article mentions: bigger downloads. The fastest broadband access here is 5 Mbps (ADSL) and is prohibitively expensive. Most people have less than 1 Mbps (technically not even broadband), and almost everyone still uses dialup. Downloading a 1GB demo off PSN takes me around 2-3 hours, so you can just imagine the time it'd take me to get 8GBs.

But, bigger file sizes is the natural way forward, and I only have myself to blame for living in this country. :-/


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