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Random PlayStation 3 HDD & RAM Dumping Bug Discovered

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275w ago - Today SKFU has shared a bug he found in PS3 Firmware 2.8 (although he said it should be present since 2.0 through 3.0) that allows you to dump random data from the PlayStation 3 HDD and RAM.

To quote: There's a little "bug" in the PlayStation3's NAT test which causes that you can dump random data from the HDD and RAM. Why exactly this appears; I don't know, yet. But well, it is interesting.

The way how to do it is pretty simple. Set up [Register or Login to view links] on the PC and activate ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

Connect the PS3 with the PC via LAN and start Wireshark's logging/sniffing feature on the LAN device. Now go to Settings on the PS3 and start a Internet Connection Test in the Network option.

When the PS3 starts the NAT testing it will send default STUN packets together with several IP Fragments. Those both packet types will contain random data which the PS3 grabs from the HDD and/or RAM. There you go.

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#4 - Ihatecompvir - 275w ago
Ihatecompvir's Avatar
Oh I see. I'm still gonna dump a few times just to confirm this works on 3.0.

#3 - CJPC - 275w ago
CJPC's Avatar
Well, assuming you could boot without a HDD - the system would be quite unstable to say the least, in theory it COULD pull from ram - then again, it might only pull from application area of that PRX, there are just too many variables and not enough data to make a conclusion - even testing would not answer the problem, due to the amount of randomness!

#2 - Ihatecompvir - 275w ago
Ihatecompvir's Avatar
It would be awesome if we could somehow dump the Encryption keys from the PS3.
If you tried it with No HD, would it only dump from RAM?

#1 - PSPSwampy - 275w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Interesting, but i don't see how this can really help (unless it can be forced to send specific memory addresses etc).

Basically what we're saying here is that you can sniff small amounts of completely random data using this method. So you presumably have absolutely no idea where this data actually originated (as in disk or memory addresses) so cannot possibly hope to combine any larger sets of data.

I guess the only use would be if you sat there long enough you might discover some previously unknown function calls or something - but that's gotta be like looking for a needle in the worlds largest haystack.

Or am i missing the point on this one?

Have to say - still an interesting news item, but seems a bit pointless to me (but then i'm no PS3 arcitecture expert!).



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