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PSN Version of Warhawk No Longer Locked to Purchased Account

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299w ago - Just logged in today with one of my alt accounts and it is no longer locked to the account that originally purchased it.

This ticked me off so much when I originally bought it from the PlayStation Store that I never bought a PSN version of any game due to not wanting to get burnt again by Sony.

Why would I buy a game if my whole family can't play it on there own accounts?

I'm sure the original account must be present on the console your playing on but I can't confirm this because my wife is playing on her account at the moment. lol

Well thumbs up to Sony for finally getting rid of this stupid restriction.


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#7 - oneloser - 299w ago
oneloser's Avatar
it means that now it's possible to share Warhawk with others? or only play with a different account on the same system??

#6 - av2272 - 299w ago
av2272's Avatar
this feature has been out for some time.. dont know why you guys didnt know about it for so long !

#5 - sharks - 299w ago
sharks's Avatar
awesome. so that means... well, a lot of things actually. for those who couldn't buy the absolutely fantastic game Warhawk, you can just ask your friend who bought it, to lend you his account to play whenever he's not using it, or just to try and see how it plays before you go out to buy it on PSN or disc version.

For my part, i already bought Warhawk on disc. I don't have an international credit card, and Sony doesn't offer paypal payment yet, so that sucks big time!!

anyways, this new move by Sony is definitely a good reason to promote Warhawk via account sharing. It makes no sense to lock it on the same console. If videos and pictures and disc games are available to all accounts on the same console, it makes no sense locking PSN games to only one account.

#4 - SkyWalker1726 - 299w ago
SkyWalker1726's Avatar
You Must have the account on the Ps3 , and the it's password must be saved . if u do not save and make the device remember it , when launching the game with another account , it will prompt u to go and save the pass of the account with which u bought the game

#3 - gtxboyracer - 299w ago
gtxboyracer's Avatar
ahh i see.. so that would only apply to Warhawk then? either way its a good thing .. well for us users it is..


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