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PSN Code Generator Sites Misusing Legitimate Customer Data

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245w ago - A few months back we reported on how to take action against PSN abusers, and today IronstarMovement.com (linked above) spotlighted the recent influx of PlayStation Network code generator Web sites that are misusing legitimate customer data.

Notoriously surfacing on both PlayStation 3 sites including the GeoHot blog and via chain letters recently, these PSN code generator sites attempt to obtain a legitimate user's PSN credentials resulting in fraudulent credit card charges for unauthorized content purchases.

If you use PSN, here are some safety tips courtesy of [Register or Login to view links], to quote:

"• Delete your credit card information off of your PlayStation Network account using the official [Register or Login to view links].
• Change your email and password for your PlayStation Network account using the official [Register or Login to view links].
• Contact Sony PlayStation customer service 1-800-345-7669, also contact your credit or debit card customer service representative.
• Check your email tied to your PlayStation Network account for suspicious purchases.
• Delete any random chain messages, even if they are from friends. There is a way to view a small segment of messages sent to you on the PlayStation Network. If you suspect a message to be a chain letter containing the hack view the message (WITHOUT OPENING IT) by pressing (x) twice on the sent user's profile.
• Block users who send you chain messages."

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#18 - HostageXII - 244w ago
HostageXII's Avatar
I had gotten a chain message or whatever a while back, and since i hate them so much i didn't even bother to open the message. I just deleted it. People are ridiculous for trying to steal and stuff.

#17 - laggmaster - 244w ago
laggmaster's Avatar
Its a simple scam really, and if there was even the slightest bit of possibility for them to hack the pm system and get your personal info they would have (but by that time it would probably be easier just to hack sony servers)!

there is no such thing as a free lunch and i sure as hell dont think that people running these cheasy little sits are doing it out of charity. anybody that does believe that there is some billionaire out there giving away free psn$codes for just a little bit of your personal info is a fool. not to mention the person that your getting them from is stealing creditcards to pay for all this... do you want to go to his website?

#16 - toxsik - 244w ago
toxsik's Avatar
Yeah, I thought that was impossible. I mean you could make a chain letter that told you to follow a link and that link or fake site would ask for things like psn id's and pw's and some would type it in giving all the info to them.

But yeah I meant just from looking at the message. I mean I get those things from my own friends list you'd be surprised how many people still think they could get something for free, and believe that junk i always open them read it, laugh at it, then reply back to my friends with a "Don't be naive this is BS." Something like that.

#15 - proskopina - 244w ago
proskopina's Avatar
i think it can only be done if somebody trade games with psn accounts! then you have to be careful what you do!! and you have to secure your credit card!! but i think its a propaganda and they want people to start to hate or blame the hackers because soon they hack ps3!!!

#14 - shummyr - 244w ago
shummyr's Avatar
I can't say I'm surprised..


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