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PS3Index Now Includes PS3, PSP and PSN Games in Database

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186w ago - Huge update today making [Register or Login to view links] imho look less crappy. You can now view a large database of PS3, PSP and PSN games, including these fields:

  • Title ID
  • Title
  • PSP System Version
  • Release Name
  • Release Number
  • ISO Size

Still looking for people to submit PS3 games (I was having a problem with it recently). You can use the online submission [Register or Login to view links] ([Register or Login to view links]) or use the windows application [Register or Login to view links] to do so.

A dedicated page lists every update published for PS3 games ([Register or Login to view links]) and you can search for the games title id that you need updates for.

Game updates are also available directly from the PS3 database viewer itself.

I'm looking at getting a devkit soon so that I can start making PS3 based applications. One that I would be looking forward to is the dumping of verification data from retail disks. The idea would be that the verification data could be retrieved from online, and used to ensure backups are 100% the same as the original - kind of like abgx does for certain parts of xbox 360 rips.

Quote Originally Posted by SonyWanze View Post
hi there. i've got a request for your database.

1. is it possible to add a menue in the drop-down menu, that shows ALL codes?

This is now possible with the re-vamped PS3 Index.

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#19 - oVERSoLDiER - 195w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Thanks for it. I can testify that the *.exe is 100% Virus and Malware free.

#18 - damox - 195w ago
damox's Avatar
As a follow-up to the PS3Index Online PS3 Game Param.sfo Community Database I have released a small PS3Index PC application I worked on today.

Details are as follows:

What: Another way to submit games to the PS3Index. With this application, you browse to the root of your backed up PS3 games, it will find the param.sfo files we are interested in, then you can upload them to the PS3Index.

Where: [Register or Login to view links]

Guide: [Register or Login to view links]

Filename: PS3Index.exe
CRC32: D13860DB
MD5: 343BBB4F120AAE06D94912F6E54CAB2F
SHA-1: 8152227BFAF83D28CA5A76852F8E55D008665D50
VirusTotal: virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=643667aa3c8c24315bf6df73770afb7cbe1869cdd849d9bb7d38ccc7219e52c7-1300713286

If you have any problems/questions/complaints/compliments/ramblings leave them in this thread.

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#17 - damox - 196w ago
damox's Avatar
Each drop down box links you to a different set of pages:

'View database by Serial Number' sorts the games by Serial Number.

'View database by Name' sorts the games by Name.

'View database by PS3 System' sorts the games by PS3 System Version (that the game needs to boot)

Covers are now available next to the game. I just used the ones from the latest multiman.

If anyone knows the server link to which multiman pulls its game covers from, it would help me too.

#16 - efaction - 196w ago
efaction's Avatar
hey mate, your 3 drop down menus, all display the same options.

#15 - damox - 196w ago
damox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by efaction View Post
can i make a suggestion DAMOX, are you able to make another drop down search box titled "View database by PS3 System software" so people can see what firmware they need to be on to play and whether they need to modify a param.sfo in order to play.

also it would be great for people on Kmeaw 3.55 to see what new games are 3.55/3.56/3.60

would be awesome, thanks!

I have added what was requested. There is now a drop down box to sort by PS3_SYSTEM_VER, but still; dont trust it to be accurate.
Quote Originally Posted by efaction View Post
it's worth keeping, is their anyway you can auto detect a modded .sfo without having a look at each one individually.

Unfortunately no. There is just nothing in the file that leads to being able to detect modification or not.

The best I can think of is some sort of reporting feature.

I have had to add a reCAPTCHA system after waking up today and finding thousands of fake games had been added into the database.


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