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PS3 USBLD Loader v0.3 RC1 & ModHook Versions Released!

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299w ago - After some time off since his previous release, this weekend Spanish PS3 developer Ifcaro has released two new non-final PS3 USBLD Loader test versions.

They appear to add both increased compatibility and a language/driver file folder (namely, x:/USBLD) as follows:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Put in folder X: USBLD USBLDLNG.TXT where X is the letter of the usb disk and the setup screen select Import language file. Same thing with X: USBLD USBD . IRX driver for usb)

Rough translation: ATTENTION: This is NOT the final version. It is only a test version and find bugs etc.

The theme ps2load not finished because I realized that uses images ioprp well protected and is not it out XD. So if you test if the games run without requiring ps2load in this version in case.

I leave with you two versions one with and one without modhook, tell if something's modhook improved compatibility (or the worse) or if it does delete.

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#33 - zaphod6666 - 298w ago
zaphod6666's Avatar
Good News: Firmware 2.70 still supports usbloader..

On my PAL PS3 it is still working after the update to fw 2.70

#32 - xaxaxe - 299w ago
xaxaxe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
My CECHA01 played the dvd and not the cd is why i ask this question.

I cannot sell the dvd with a clear conscience unless i know it works for sure on a CECHE01.

I haven't tested it personally but my point was as long as CECHA01 and CECHE01 are PS2 compatible, and the firmware is not blocking access to the DVD - it's the same on both ( minus internal console flags, etc ) then it should run.

#31 - idone - 299w ago
idone's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
Looking for a quick confirmation that the NTSC swapmagic 3.6+ dvd works on a CECHE01 console before i sell this disc to someone.

On my old CECHA01 the dvd worked and not the cd so i just want to be sure it also boots on the 80gb.

If no one can confirm i will just stop being lazy and reassemble a 80gb i have here...but if someone is already using this setup it would save me some precious time.

Lazy'ness ended this morning... tested and disc does boot

#30 - vger2 - 299w ago
vger2's Avatar
Can someone tell me if I can use Ifcaro's PS3 USBLD Loader v0.3 RC1 or ModHook version via PS2 iso loader without VM card? Also, do I create a new folder, X:\USLBD, in root of USB flash drive and add USBLDLNG.TXT file & USBD.IRX? Thanks

#29 - togregor - 299w ago
togregor's Avatar
works great for me too!


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