PS3 USBLD Loader v0.3 RC1 & ModHook Versions Released!

264w ago - After some time off since his previous release, this weekend Spanish PS3 developer Ifcaro has released two new non-final PS3 USBLD Loader test versions.

They appear to add both increased compatibility and a language/driver file folder (namely, x:/USBLD) as follows:

Download: USB LOADER v0.3 RC1 / USB LOADER v0.3 RC1+MODHOOK / SPANISH LANGUAGE ARCHIVE (Put in folder X: USBLD USBLDLNG.TXT where X is the letter of the usb disk and the setup screen select Import language file. Same thing with X: USBLD USBD . IRX driver for usb)

Rough translation: ATTENTION: This is NOT the final version. It is only a test version and find bugs etc.

The theme ps2load not finished because I realized that uses images ioprp well protected and is not it out XD. So if you test if the games run without requiring ps2load in this version in case.

I leave with you two versions one with and one without modhook, tell if something's modhook improved compatibility (or the worse) or if it does delete.

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garrytipler's Avatar
#43 - garrytipler - 260w ago
downloaded this for a friend, says it works well no problems glad u could supply me with it.

maxpwer222's Avatar
#42 - maxpwer222 - 260w ago
I have been playing around with this for a few hours and I seem to be running into the same problem.

When I boot the .elf, the screen started to freak out and horizontal lines show up. The program is loading like normal, but I cannot make out the screen because of the running horizontal lines. I tried several different display modes and nothing has helped. I have the 80gig US model and it has 4 USB ports. I tried both versions of v.03 and have similar issues. I am probably missing something super easy : /

I did some searches on here and google and have not found any info. I really appreciate any help

soccrstar's Avatar
#41 - soccrstar - 260w ago

I have a slight issue. I don't know why but USBloader 0.2B and later will NOT detect my USB HDD (500GB Fat32) the PS3 detects it Fine along with 0.1 usbloader. but any of the newer ones does not and i'm at a lost.

any help will be appreciated


Sanhime's Avatar
#40 - Sanhime - 260w ago
PS3 usb ports are 2.0 but the usb drivers that are being used in ps2 mode are 1.1 so that's why everyone has problems with the movies and cutscenes.

ah thank you. I had that suspicion as well, because the usb behaved the same way as when I play it on a ps2 machine.

aries2k6's Avatar
#39 - aries2k6 - 261w ago
PS3 USB ports are 2.0 spec, so it should be more than enough bandwidth. Could simply be a compatibility issue. I am loading more games into my external to see if the problem occurs with them too.

PS3 usb ports are 2.0 but the usb drivers that are being used in ps2 mode are 1.1 so that's why everyone has problems with the movies and cutscenes.

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