PS3 USBLD Loader v0.2 Released, PS2 iSOs on PAL Consoles!

273w ago - Update: PS3 USBLD Loader v0.2b (PAL) is now available, which works without installing anything on the memory card.

Version 0.2b:

- Utiliza un modulo USBD libre que lleva embebido.
- Selecciona modo de video

As a follow-up to the PS2 iSOs on Japanese PS3 Consoles article from last week, today our friends Ifcaro, sonyk and the team at (linked above) have succeeded in running games with USBLoader v0.2 on a PS3 PAL 60gb console.

Download: PS3 USBLD Loader v0.2 (PAL)

From the ReadMe: Dedicado a todas aquellas personas que les gusta investigar y no esperan a que se lo den todo hecho.


+ Tener una copia del archivo USBD.IRX de sony entre la versiĆ³n 0.13 a 0.17 en mc0:BEDATA-SYSTEM, mc0:BADATA-SYSTEM o mc0:BIDATA-SYSTEM

Version 0.2:

- Sustituye el reset del Usb Advance por un reset normal :O (y asi funciona en las PAL :S)

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PS3 News's Avatar
#93 - PS3 News - 271w ago
So you can't copy the iso's to the HD on the PS3 ?
Not at this time, mainly because all this is... is a way to use the existing PS2 USB Extreme/USB Advance application on the PS3 (which was coded to run the games via USB drive).

Getting it to run them from the PS3's HDD would likely not only require the app's source code (which sadly isn't available) but also the ability to run stored PS2 game images from the retail PS3's HDD.

kimsamsara's Avatar
#92 - kimsamsara - 271w ago
So you can't copy the iso's to the HD on the PS3 ?

dondolo's Avatar
#91 - dondolo - 271w ago
i want it for 40gb

tworok's Avatar
#90 - tworok - 271w ago
Can somebody please tell me whitch files to put on my USB stick and in which directories ?
you need the swap magic discs everytime you want to load a game.

just remane usbld02b.elf to smboot1.elf put it in the usb pen, in a folder called SWAPMAGIC, then load swap magic, and when it loads, press UP+L2

then usbld will load

the iso must be prepared with USBUTIL

i've heard swap magic is very picky about the usb devices, i still didn't find one that works, but one of them already showed the games listed, so i think i explained you well

cheers and sorry for my english too, i'm portuguese

kimsamsara's Avatar
#89 - kimsamsara - 271w ago
Can somebody please tell me whitch files to put on my USB stick and in which directories ?
Can i put the games on my PS3's HD and load them from there ?

Should i do the SM trick with every game i want to load/play ? Or once you have copied to the HD there is no more swap trick ?
I don't have a SM yet,but before i buy one,i want to know i don't need to do to the swap every time i want to play a game.
I now have HD Loader on my PS2 and that works great.

So if the same could happen again on my PS3 (whitout loading swap discs every time) that would be great !

Sorry for my english but i'm from Belgium.

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