PS3 Trophy Scanner 1.0 for Linux Released!

256w ago - Here's a little application I wrote, when I was bored. Basically it scans for PS3 game trophy related files like icons and the description files containing the missions to unlock a trophy and it's status (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).

The difference between the application and all the public websites which have trophy lists is, that it also will find trophies which are not released to the press people, yet. So you can be sure this will find trophies directly when they are online, even before the journalists get the info

Your chance to get a complete trophy list ;-)

Download: PS3 Trophy Scanner 1.0 (64/32Bit) / PS3 Trophy Scanner 1.0 (64/32Bit) [Mirror]

You have to have curl installed by the way. It's in every Linux repositories so you simply can install it via the terminal. For example in debian distros you only need to open the terminal and enter sudo apt-get install curl to install it.

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#4 - PS3 News - 256w ago
Interesting and +Rep... one of the other Devs here also said he was working on this recently, so I will link him to this thread and see if he has anything more to share on it.

SlyRipper's Avatar
#3 - SlyRipper - 256w ago
I'll post my findings here,

I made a PHP script to do this months ago, but since Sony stopped updating the lists on their old server, they moved them to a new server, all the new lists are encrypted and obfuscated. I just noted his program finds the unencrypted lists on the new server, which aren't updated anymore. Only the encrypted ones are updated.

SKFU's Avatar
#2 - SKFU - 256w ago
Very nice SKFU, and hopefully CJPC can implement this into our own PS3 Trophy database HERE.
it should be possible to implement the methode I use in PHP, would be a nice feature

PS3 News's Avatar
#1 - PS3 News - 256w ago
Very nice SKFU, and hopefully CJPC can implement this into our own PS3 Trophy database HERE.

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