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PS3 Slim Console Surfaces on Black Market in the Philippines

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284w ago - Update: [Register or Login to view links] appears to be back online, and Vespene Gas/Editor & Graphics of [Register or Login to view links] stated: "Sony can't keep leaks. Spoiler: It's Real"

The Web site this originated from (UltimatePlayStation.com) has been shut down by Sony to kill any evidence of it's existence. However, they have not taken down the YouTube video (below) yet. Enjoy!

To quote: "I'm sorry the video is very short and very low quality, but my phone is ancient and the memory is very low, but I hope you believe me when I say this is in now way a fabrication."

The details are as follows, taken from the Web site now seized by Sony:

•It has a 120GB HDD.
•Two USB Ports

•The 'touch' button for eject and on seems to be gone, and there are now these random buttons.
•The PS icon is now white instead of colored.
•No more card reader
•PLAYSTATION 3 is gone, rather its PS3. It says this on the bottom as well for some reason.
•The guy was selling it with a DualShock 3. Whether it is compatible is another matter.
•The guy was selling it for 20,000 pesos, which is roughly £250, which is roughly $410

If there's any other information on this unit, let us only hope, someone will snatch it up and leak more info on it!!

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#13 - CyanCaze - 284w ago
CyanCaze's Avatar
Hm... This is a difficult call.... Note how it says PS3 instead of PlayStation 3. That is pretty much overwritten by the fact that it has the PS Logo on it. Also note that is has a outward power supply because you can see the 2 tong AC port on the back. So add to the first post in the spec of the new console. I am 100% sure I am right about it having a outward power supply.

Because the power supply is moved out, and the cell recently was made EVEN SMALLER. As well as having no room for memory card readers. I believe this is a legitimate slim and not some elaborate hoax.

PS3 price drop? I believe so since he is selling it for $410, which if someone from Sony leaked it to him, they probably sold it at cost. So I estimate that the PS3 slim will retail for about $299, £199.

Based on all the events that have taken place this year. Sony has a snitch inside their company, and I wouldn't be surprised if they fire a few thousand people to try and find them.

#12 - travis134 - 284w ago
travis134's Avatar
Looks promising. Perhaps this system will have an exploitable hole. Anyways, hope Sony releases it for cheaper than the current PS3's. This may be their saving grace.

#11 - JeffJ - 284w ago
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by itisme424 View Post
it could very well be a case mod.

there is NO WAY that the PS3 origional guts would fit in that case.... not at all. if you have ever looked in a ps3... tis pretty full. the psu alone is about 4.5-6 inches tall and about the size of a fruit cake.

#10 - itisme424 - 284w ago
itisme424's Avatar
it could very well be a case mod.

#9 - JeffJ - 284w ago
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Someone here can perhaps check the pic to see if it was altered (exif data?)... below is the original (1600x1200) and another smaller (possibly modified) one of it.

ill take a look, but one thing i do not is when i clean up the original... it most definitely says PS3 on it not just PS

the photo is legit it came from a sony ericson cellular phone.

and here is the original image after i cleaned it up.

the modified picture you posted PS3 News has no meta data besides the image resolution.


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