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PS3 Price Drop, New Hack-Proof PlayStation 3 Console Incoming

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199w ago - Update: Today [Register or Login to view links] has spotted the new PS3 model CECH-3001A/B via the [Register or Login to view links] site further confirming the previous report.

The new PlayStation 3 slim model will cut power consumption from 230W to 200W and weigh in at 2.6kg down from 3.0kg, however, it will not include PS2 compatibility.

According to [Register or Login to view links] Sony is preparing a sizeable PS3 price drop soon which will coincide with Nintendo's 3DS console release in March (although [Register or Login to view links] states Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicts June) followed by a new hack-proof PlayStation 3 console in development.

To quote: "My source, who also told me the NGP's price will be £250 in the UK, stated Sony has been preparing a price drop in the UK for quite some time now and are finally preparing to make said price drop to around £170 when Nintendo's 3DS console releases in March.

The price drop for the slim PS3 SKUs would mean a staggering price drop from the PS3′s original price will be witnessed; with the recommended retail price being £255.30."

EverythingHQ.com (linked above) also states that Sony is reportedly developing a hack-proof PS3 SKU, to quote:

"The hack-proof SKU will be a slim PlayStation 3 model and will contain a 300GB hard drive as an incentive to purchase the hack-proof system - the price of the SKU will be £186.99, my source informs me.

The scheduled launch is unsure at this time due to Sony seeing if they can win the battle in the courts against the root of all the PS3 hacks - George Hotz.

Sony is essentially trying to get rid of all the old SKUs with these price drops - and even their own price drop incoming possibly - so it makes way for their new hack-proof model."

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#29 - moja - 199w ago
moja's Avatar
It is reported that the new systems will each come with a PS eye; however, they will be permanently wired with remote monitoring capabilities. As soon as you touch your PS3 inappropriately, a shift worker in India will press a red button that momentarily puts your system in presentation mode with non-skippable commercials showing PSNs features.

#28 - jarvis - 199w ago
jarvis's Avatar
Ok Sony... you still haven't learned your lesson. Keep painting a bulls eye on all your systems for hackers. If they are claiming it is hack proof, this is like poking a bear.

Remember Blu-Ray? "It will be at least 10 years before the DRM is broken".

OK, that reminds me, by Blu-Ray rip just finished. No trailers and I can skip around wherever I want.

#27 - Bry4nMW - 199w ago
Bry4nMW's Avatar
Well I think a lot of you guys talking about reverse engineering are still forgetting that you need something to start from. And in the original PS3 that was linux. That's where all the original information about the ps3 originated from. We glitch attacked for a way to read and write into the hypervisor and dumped the lv0, lv1, etc.

So assuming the Sony has changed at least some sort of the architecture for the system, and definitely change all their keys, this ps3 will have some unpredictable obstacles with no documentation to gain an understanding for.

#26 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 199w ago
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by oldschool400 View Post
Given $ony's past track record for protecting their assets vs customer satisfaction, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they block psn access to current phat and slim models soon after the release of the 'hack proof' system, thus forcing people to spend MORE money to upgrade (some people who have JUST upgraded)

This would be illegal (in the US at least) for several reasons we need not bring up lol. You can't block old systems, as millions of consoles would literally be barred. Compare that so say a couple hundred thousand that they would sell of the new one, taking this road would be self-destruction for the company (at least in the gaming aspect).

#25 - psychops3 - 199w ago
psychops3's Avatar
well, i'm not throwing mine just install homebrew and give it to any kid and say: "here this is the mother of a psp"


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