PS3 Firmware 3.40 Arrives June 29, Required for PlayStation Plus

199w ago - Update: Both PS3 Firmware 3.40 and Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service are now available for those interested!

You can purchase a three-month package or a one-year package on the PlayStation Store now. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package is available for $49.99. Sony will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the one-year package – that's 15 months total for $49.99.

Previously we reported that PS3 Firmware 3.40 was slated to be released on June 22 as confirmed via Sony Press Release, however, Sony has since updated the release to now state it will arrive next week on June 29 to coincide with the launch of PlayStation Plus.

Additionally, (linked above) spotted one other caveat for those planning on subscribing to PlayStation Plus- it's a requirement to download and install PS3 Firmware 3.40 prior to purchasing PlayStation Plus.

To quote from a footnote on Sony's updated Press Release: "*1 PlayStation users can purchase PlayStation Plus membership through PlayStation Store on PS3 only.

Users need to install PS3 system software version 3.40, which will be released on June 29th, to enjoy PlayStation Plus."

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victor307664's Avatar
#9 - victor307664 - 199w ago
so are sony gona give us OtherOS back or just leave us in the dark

So do you really need it back or just want it back? I had installed yellow dog when we had OtherOS and it was a hassle to get anything running on it. Especially the browser. I dont think any OS company really had any intention on making operating systems for the PS3. Maybe Sony should have made something useful for OtherOS. I just want the ability to play my own music while gaming. Now is that really too much to ask for?

rajkosladic's Avatar
#8 - rajkosladic - 199w ago
i will give plus a try.

50$ for a year is not much. for me (i'm from germany) its extremly cheap if i look onto the online systems from other companys here.

so i will see what Sony offers me for this 50$
well welll there's nothing too much that sony is offering in psn+. plus cross game chat is not included in there which means we will get cross game chat very soon!!

and that updating part of psn+ is really annoying as it will be updating every 2nd day, eating up ur usage.... anyway i'm gonna update to 3.40 but not for psn+, for something else... we will see what it is when it is released.


Warrorar's Avatar
#7 - Warrorar - 199w ago
i will give plus a try.

50$ for a year is not much. for me (i'm from germany) its extremly cheap if i look onto the online systems from other companys here.

so i will see what Sony offers me for this 50$

viewtonic's Avatar
#6 - viewtonic - 199w ago
Thanks, another reason to celebrate the 29th.

Chris9092's Avatar
#5 - Chris9092 - 199w ago
Since when is updating "optional"? Didn't they say updating to a firmware without OtherOS is "optional"?
How can you have OtherOS and Playstation Plus? If its not optional then $ony should man up and say its compulsory not optional.

I bet they are going to watch how many people get PS+ and eventually drop the free part. It will eventually turn in to a paid service if everyone gets PS+.

$ony are just compulsive lairs.

First of all, you said how can you have OtherOS and Playstation Plus. This is where the whole "optional" comes into play. You have the option to take one or the other. Now if it was compulsory the second you boot up your ps3 you'd be updated to the firmware and thats that.

I'm also unsure why you think they've change everyone over to PS+. If they wanted to make PSN a paid service they could have gone right out and done that. It would have been unnecessary to throw in free games among other stuff.

Its not so much that sony is a compulsive liar, you just seem to draw radical conclusions out of nowhere.

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