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PS3 Firmware 3.21 Update Arrives, It Only Does Less Than It Did!

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246w ago - As scheduled, today the PS3 Firmware 3.21 update is available for download and as Sony previously confirmed it disables the OtherOS functionality in an effort to make the PlayStation 3 entertainment system more secure.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

PS3 hacker GeoHot ([Register or Login to view links] to [Register or Login to view links]) has promised a solution to those who hold off updating their console which may include PS3 Custom Firmware alongside a [Register or Login to view links] open-source PS3 RSX driver rumored to be in development.

More details to come as they are available, including a full PS3 Firmware version 3.21 changelog. At the moment, all that is available from the [Register or Login to view links] site according to [Register or Login to view links] is the following, to quote: "Firstly it appears the quality of of PlayStation format software from the Store has been improved, presumably referring to the PS1 functionality (FFIX?).

Secondly, it appears that the security of MP4 video playback has been boosted too, removing some vulnerabilities."

RSX objects:

0x0 -- 0x30 -- NV01_NULL
0x31337000 -- 0x4097 -- NV40TCL
0x31337303 -- 0x39 -- NV_MEMORY_TO_MEMORY_FORMAT
0x31337A73 -- 0x309E -- NV40_SWIZZLED_SURFACE
0x313371C3 -- 0x3062 -- NV40_CONTEXT_SURFACES_2D
0x3137AF00 -- 0x3089 -- NV40_SCALED_IMAGE_FROM_MEMORY
0x31337808 -- 0x308A -- NV40_IMAGE_FROM_CPU


• The [Install Other OS] and [Default System] features have been deleted.
• The playback quality of some PlayStation® format software that is downloaded (as a purchase or for free) from PlayStation®Store has been improved.
• A security patch was added to address security vulnerabilities that may occur when playing MP4 format video files.

Finally, those who don't plan to update may want to check out the guides on How to Bypass PS3 Firmware 3.21 and Connect to PSN.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and be sure to drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew releases!

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#86 - Kev7381 - 246w ago
Kev7381's Avatar
I am using LG5tool.. but after 5 minutes on PSN. PSN kick my out.

Somebody know the problem?

#85 - moneymaker - 246w ago
moneymaker's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by nipsen View Post
This is why the "Go" sold as "expected", for example.

Just a little and quick "hit and run" OT...(sorry)..

PsP GO "went" to hell cause their decision to use DD to sell contents, world is not ready yet for this system, people of the "big block" likes to touch, to smell, to feel what they buy, DD doesn't give the same feedback if they would have choosen surely non-reproducible MS for example, they could have run it better, but surely selling a GO nearly at the same price of a PS3 while being even smaller than a regular PsP doesn't make sense.

However, just to get back in topic, I want to see what they will do when people should start claiming their money back for bought digital content they cannot use anymore, their "Mr.Brain" didn't thought that people using linux aren't forced to do the upgrade, but loosing the ability to log on PSN normally you loose the ability to play many things among what you've bought and this is NOT legal, unless they refund, obviously.

You tells I cannot use anymore what I bought if I don't have the wish to upgrade ?

Ok, I choose not to use it but I want my money back cause YOUR security concerns are not mine and is only due to your will that I cannot use what I've already paid for...and please do not forget to give me back the money I have onto PSN account as well...

SCE -> "But...you can upgrade if you wish to use what you've bought ..."

Me -> "Nope, sorry, this twist the upgrade into "mandatory" while it's not and it cannot be...oh, and please remove that note among the specs of the upgrade ....yes, that one saying #This system software update includes all features contained in previous versions.# cause it's not true, is a false claim and it can be seen just looking at the other statement #The [Install Other OS] and [Default System] features have been deleted.#"

We were talking about war ? Unfortunately it's not likely there could be 1.000.000 people asking back 200/300 bucks each but they would deserve it..

Another long post... sorry, it's my kismet I think...

#84 - B4rtj4h - 246w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Indeed I can confirm that the EU site from sony is down. In your Face!

Well... now i am gona play FF

#83 - SUBTAGIOUS - 246w ago
Sony must see how Peed off they have made a lot of there customers. I was seconds away from applying the update.. I'm glad that I read the t&c's. I'm up for saying FU to Sony.

The only thing that the console has going for it is the Linux system.. Everything else you can get somewhere else for free.

Sony need to rethink this.

edit: LoL I think the Sony Website is down now.. Hopefully many angry posts crashed there server :-)

#82 - kenshin33 - 246w ago
kenshin33's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by nipsen View Post
..well, it wouldn't be the first time Sony makes a decision based on paranoia, or input from the usual industry insiders.

I mean, you know how they speak about people who take any sort of interest in what they're buying? Those are "hackers", or "linux people", or "hardcore gamers". Who Sony should be congratulated for appeasing. The "most people" block, are - or so Sony's marketing department believes very often - people who were born yesterday, and believes any press-release, and fall for every sales-pitch.

This is why the "Go" sold as "expected", for example.

And they would be more or less right.

Power IS in numbers. if a critical mass of people said FU we wont upgrade and we wont buy anything anymore ... it will take -ideally- no time for theme to get the feature back and running.

so ina mood for a strike ??


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