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PS3 Firmware 3.21 Coming April 1st, Disables OtherOS Feature!

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248w ago - Today Sony's Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold has confirmed that PS3 Firmware update 3.21 is coming on April 1, 2010 and will disable the OtherOS feature!

To quote: The next system software update for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system will be released on April 1, 2010 (JST), and will disable the "Install Other OS" feature that was available on the PS3 systems prior to the current slimmer models, launched in September 2009.

This feature enabled users to install an operating system, but due to security concerns, Sony Computer Entertainment will remove the functionality through the 3.21 system software update.

In addition, disabling the "Other OS" feature will help ensure that PS3 owners will continue to have access to the broad range of gaming and entertainment content from SCE and its content partners on a more secure system.

Consumers and organizations that currently use the "Other OS" feature can choose not to upgrade their PS3 systems, although the following features will no longer be available;

• Ability to sign in to PlayStation Network and use network features that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features of PS3 games and chat
• Playback of PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require PS3 system software version 3.21 or later
• Playback of copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings)
• Use of new features and improvements that are available on PS3 system software 3.21 or later

For those PS3 users who are currently using the "Other OS" feature but choose to install the system software update, to avoid data loss they first need to back-up any data stored within the hard drive partition used by the "Other OS," as they will not be able to access that data following the update.

Additional information about PS3 firmware updates, including v3.21 (once it becomes available), can be found here: http://us.playstation.com/support/systemupdates/ps3/index.htm

PS3 owners who have further questions should contact Consumer Services: http://us.playstation.com/support/ask/

800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)

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#89 - loader187 - 248w ago
loader187's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by devinbedari View Post
The joystick is the best. Stupid die-hard xbox fans think the XBOX remote is easier to use...thats utter nonsence.

Devin, that was not directed toward you at all. You didnt hurt my feelings or anything I was just speaking out loud. cheers man.

#88 - lilshortwun - 248w ago
lilshortwun's Avatar
I don't really see what all the commotion is about. If you want to game then game. This update shouldn't do any harm to you. And believe it or not, 99% of the population of the PS3 owners are there to play games online such as MW2 and not to code and try to hack the PS3 in Linux. If it was the other way around, we would of gotten a hack for the PS3 years ago.

In fact, I bet most of you are are there just to game on your PS3 and doesn't even know a single line of coding in Linux.

What I am trying to say is that if Sony wants to protect their interest and disable OtherOS then let them. It is just flicking off a switch and turning the fat PS3 effectively into a Slim PS3. This doesn't mean the console isn't going to be harder to crack, just means that now people will have to think further out of the box and create a CWF.

In time the Slim PS3 will get hacked with or without OtherOS. This update in my mind is not even a road block. The Hypervisor is getting examined further and further by the DEVs everyday and pretty soon OtherOS will be absolute in the homebrewing/hacking of the PS3.

#87 - HellReborn - 248w ago
HellReborn's Avatar
ok so i am going to throw my two cents in here just for the fun of it. I am not going to believe this for a second for a few reasons...

1. 3.20 has not been released yet
2. 3.20 or 3.21 is not on the official sony website
3. as far as i know 3.20 debug has not removed the otheros option

if all this is true i find it funny that sony would change their mind on something from a previous post they made in the past.

"Please be assured that SCE is committed to continue the support for previously sold models that have the 'Install Other OS' feature and that this feature will not be disabled in future firmware releases."

#86 - devinbedari - 248w ago
devinbedari's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by loader187 View Post
The PS3 is the best console regardless if they remove linux.

I am sorry to have offended a true PS3 fan. Don't get me wrong, I love the PS3! I just really hate Sony.
Which game is better than God of War, MGS or Killzone? HALO??? Halo is nothing compared to God of War!!! (That's just my opinion)

I had a PS1 for 5 years, a PS2 for a week (then it broke) and another PS2 and finally a PS3. I have really regretted buying the PS3, it has caused me a lot of trouble and money. There is not much I can do with it now. So don't think I'm angry with the console... I am angry with sony!

Quote Originally Posted by zentsang View Post
If Sony simply disables access to the OtherOS partition ... what ... I'm supposed to just give up 10 gigs of space?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Copy the Music, Videos, Pictures onto an external hdd. Unfortunately, you have to lose your save data and demos (and what not), but you are not left with much choice if you really need those 10gigs. Then Reformat the PS3 HDD. I don't know if there is a way to delete the OtherOS partition (I think it is not there)
Quote Originally Posted by loader187 View Post
i love the joystick (way better than the xbox360) and what is the Wii (i dont have any kids) I would rather go bowl for real.

The joystick is the best. Stupid die-hard xbox fans think the XBOX remote is easier to use... that's utter nonsence.

#85 - zentsang - 248w ago
zentsang's Avatar
Ok... so the writing is on the wall. What I'm not seeing here on any forums is anything about reclaiming the OtherOS hard drive space once this firmware goes into effect.

Since backing up the drive copies the whole drive, then putting another drive in the system and restoring the data, it will still copy the same partition structure over. So how is someone supposed to reclaim the space back to the primary PS3 partition without losing all the saved games, videos, music, photos, etc.

If Sony simply disables access to the OtherOS partition... what... I'm supposed to just give up 10 gigs of space?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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