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PS3 Firmware 3.0 Rumored Features Are Detailed

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286w ago - Although it is still some time away (Super_Secret predicts PS3 Firmware 3.0 won't be out during the summer, but before the holidays) the folks at VG247 (linked above) have uncovered some additional details on it.

To quote: The software upgrade has been described to us as "a huge overhaul", and was compared to NXE "in some respects".

The before-rumored reputation system will be included. We were told that, "A reputation system in which users will be able to evaluate each other will be provided for... game applications.

"There will be a new API available to so the user can... allow users and also obtain users' reputation."

A "grief reporting system" will be included in the update, allowing gamers to take screens of offensive players and submit them to Sony. Apparently this is going to be similar to the LBP system, and is likely to include a text input.

Firmware 3.0 will allow patches will be downloaded in the background, meaning you'll no longer have to sit staring at the screen while Random Shooter updates itself with a 500Mb fix.

There's more. Simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting will be included in the release, a move likely to bring big smiles to the audio heads in the crowd.

Of course for the time being, these are just rumored features that are subject to change... but still interesting none the less if true!

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#11 - HeMsKiE - 284w ago
HeMsKiE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zeromx View Post
How about MKV, ogg support.. and of course allow us to run homebrew appz

MKV support will be great!

#10 - zeromx - 284w ago
zeromx's Avatar
How about MKV, ogg support.. and of course allow us to run homebrew appz

#9 - vegeta999 - 285w ago
vegeta999's Avatar
Heres another thing, do you think that the official Sony PLaystation 3 Firmware 3.0 would only be released once sony has finished finding a way to restore FULL PS2 Backwards Compatibility for the New 80GB, 40GB, 160GB models ? Thats maybe the idea.

#8 - BlackCat666 - 286w ago
BlackCat666's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mmkmmk3 View Post
All 2.8 does is improve playback AGAIN..

No, thats just all Sony told you, not what was actually done.

In actual fact quite a lot was done, but it should have always worked like that so they didn't tell you that because it makes them look incompetent.

#7 - ionbladez - 286w ago
ionbladez's Avatar
What about the PS2 Emulation? We've been waiting all along for this - I hope even the 40GB and Non-backwards compatible owners can still use this USBLoader even under emulation!

But then again, they've probably patched this somehow - Still worth a shot, right?


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