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PS3 Debug Firmware 3.20 Pics Reveal 3D Video Output Option

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254w ago - Today VG247.com (linked above) has shared some screenshots of PS3 Debug Firmware 3.20 which appear to reveal a new '3D Video Output' XMB menu option.

While the 3.20 update is reportedly still "months away" for consumers, Sony previously confirmed that a simple PS3 Firmware update is all that is required to make the PlayStation 3 system compatible with 3D gaming.

To quote: "We've landed some pics of a new debug build of PS3's Firmware, clearly showing a "3D video output" option.

As you can see from the images below, the feature appears to be included in the 3.20 release, which is apparently now in the hands of developers.

There's been a great deal of talk about 3D games in recent months, with Sony especially being a strong supporter of the tech."

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#12 - livpool - 254w ago
livpool's Avatar
does it have to be 120hrtz? will 100 do?

#11 - Kraken - 254w ago
Kraken's Avatar
I have a 61'' DLP 3D TV and Nvidia's vision kit for PC. It costs $200 for the kit and (although I hope I'm wrong) it is most likely not compatible with the PS3, or any other device but PC. I see that as the real problem. Even if you have a 3D TV, there still isn't a standard on the 3D itself. If there isn't a standard, people would need to spend hundreds of dollars on glasses for each device, which is absolutely ridiculous. I also think that the 3D effect is highly over rated.

Also, just because your TV says 120hz, it probably isn't. Most 120Hz TVs can't accept 120Hz Hz signals (required for 3D), they just insert an extra frame, to try to make movies look smoother. I think the effect makes it look like the movie is playing in fast forward and it is not worth the money. I think it is criminal that they market these TVs as '120Hz' when they clearly aren't. I hope someone who got burned files a lawsuit about this false advertising.

#10 - veggav - 254w ago
veggav's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by inginear View Post
sony is pushing for the shutter glasses 3d technology. they even make their own shutter glasses.

it has been reported on numerous sites that 3d capable tvs are needed for the 3d technology coming out for the ps3. the red/blue 3d of which you speak has been around since the 70's i believe.

It's around since the 50's. I've tested the nvidia 3d vision, and if the sony 3d is just the same, as I think it is, it's really not worth it.

Rad Race on the snes had this same technology, lol

#9 - ptrci - 254w ago
ptrci's Avatar
3D TV = 3D games and Movies.

But he needs a 3D TV.

#8 - Warrorar - 254w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
oh my god great. now i know why i bought my LG LH 9000 xD 3D im ready, come and pick me up

I can't wait to play tekken and other games in 3d *happy happy happy*


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