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Prison Inmates' PlayStations Now Banned Due to Escape Fears

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288w ago - Just over a month ago it was rumored that crime lords were running empires from jail via PlayStation consoles.

Today it appears some prison officials are taking no chances, and are banning inmates' PlayStation 3 consoles amid escape fears.

To quote: A prison has banned inmates from using PlayStation 3 games consoles because they fear they could be used in an escape attempt.

Inmates at Rye Hill prison, near Rugby, Warwickshire, were found to be using the consoles' built-in wireless connections to chat to friends outside prison.

Wardens have confiscated the consoles over fears they pose a "significant threat" to prison security. A spokesman for the Prison Service said:

"PlayStation 3 consoles are barred on the grounds that they have the capability to send and receive radio signals as an integral part of the equipment."

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#13 - Tekkie - 288w ago
Tekkie's Avatar
When I first read the title of the post the first thing that came to mind was " Are you kidding me? They 'were' using the ps3 for prison entertainment?" All I have to say is wow.

I wonder what kinds of games they were playing? Games with massive violence and killing to keep the prisoners from losing their touch?

I'm speechless.

#12 - wormie123 - 288w ago
wormie123's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ZBlacktt View Post
They should get old Xbox consoles to play instead of PS3's. That way when the consoles red ring of death. Then they would know what it's like to loose another freedom and be heart broken more as something else was just taken a way. Then they can sit and wish they had it back.

haha.. legend!

#11 - Jelf - 288w ago
Jelf's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by A2theC View Post

This is disgusting how these BAD people are treated. I don't think they should be allowed to spend any of their money while they are in there, probably stolen, or accept "gifts" like a $400-600 ps3.

These PS3's are given to them for "GOOD" behaviour. Payed for by the Great British Tax Payers. They dont have to buy there own. Our Prison System is like a holiday camp where they cant wait to go back in.

#10 - vegita8888 - 288w ago
vegita8888's Avatar
I'm sorry but whats the point of locking people up for doing bad things if they get access to a ps3. That's garbage. They shouldn't have weights. They shouldn't have TV and they for damn sure they shouldn't have PS3s. Isn't it supposed to be punishment. Let them have some books and 23 hour lock down. Maybe then people wouldn't do so many of those bad things.

#9 - BentleyGT - 288w ago
BentleyGT's Avatar
So it's ok to make a collect call to my friends outside prison but it's not ok for me to chat with them on the prison's ps3? Anyway, must be nice to lift weights all day and play ps3


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