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PowerMad Review of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3

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302w ago - This is Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection, and if you're a casual or retro gamer you need to go pick this one up.

Instead of trying to make great graphics and releasing a entirely new game which no one is going to remember. Sega decided to put over 40 of the games from their most popular console.

You get a few arcade titles and some videos about the makings of SUGC. But besides that nothing is really new.

The game has trophies/achievements, and is a great addition to any gamers. If you grew up with a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and want a few nostalgic moments, This is a game for you.

Since the PS3 controller has nearly over trice the buttons as the Sega genesis controller. You can actually program the controller to what buttons you want it to be.

Although I liked almost all the games on this disc, Like goldenaxe and Sonic the hedgehog. A few games like Flicky make the game worse amazingly. The best way I can explain it is if I offered to give to a milkshake, but I spit in it before hand. That would make the milkshake not as good even though I gave you more.

I really don't have much more to say about this game. It's meant to appeal to a certain type of gamer so I can't really say anything mind boggling about it. At any rate you may have a good time, and for 30 bucks you can't go wrong.


Value: 8-10
Value for a Retro gamer: 10-10

Overall 72-100
Grade "B" Game


Casual Gamer: Yes
Hardcore Gamer: Maybe
Obsessive Gamer: Maybe
Pro Gamer: Maybe
Newb Gamer: Maybe
Noob Gamer: No
Retro Gamer: Yes
Table Gamer: Yes
Online Gamer: N/A
Co-Op Gamer: Yes

Multiverse Gamer: Maybe
Multiverse-Casual Gamer: Yes

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#1 - DarkArchon - 302w ago
DarkArchon's Avatar
The only thing is, we can already do this (if we have swap magic + ps2 emulation supported ps3) and get more sega games than this offers.


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