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PlayStation Home Manager Issues a Warning to Members

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284w ago - It appears Sony is cracking down on those who are sharing their PSN identification and password to grant select items in PlayStation Home.

PSN game sharing is also labeled as violating the ToS later in the PS Forum thread (linked above).

Community Manager CydoniaX stated the following:

As many of you are already aware, there are members of our community who are requesting your PSN identification and password to grant select items in Home.

We would like to remind you that the Home staff will never ask you for your password, or any other personal information in Home.

The members of the community doing so are participating in activities that violate our terms of service. This is wrong, illegal, and most definitely NOT OK, and we will be handling these offenses accordingly.

Please be assured that we know who has done what. We know that many of you who participated in this are also some of our most dedicated and enthusiastic Home users and might not have been fully aware of the ramifications of your actions.

That said, appropriate actions will be taken against individuals violating our terms of use.

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#10 - maxpwer222 - 283w ago
maxpwer222's Avatar
They have the right to remove your ability to use the PSN network and probably the PS3 itself. That is about all they would do to be honest. Pursuing someone more than that would only lend itself to bad press and not be in their interests.

#9 - dudexxx - 283w ago
dudexxx's Avatar
Okay blokes! Word is, those who participated in this ps3 hack back when it was done in "secrecy", are now paying the consequences for this. Apparently the punishment is a account ban as well as an system suspension.

Careful guys when doing this! Few who already got some sort of elongated ban are facing a permaban now...

#8 - setTopbox - 284w ago
setTopbox's Avatar
You can contract for whatever the hell you want, it doesn't make it *legal*. People always assume that because x and y contract it binds. wrong and wrong. The law *always* and without condition supersedes contract.

Not to mention there are a whole host of issues that can make contracts null if certain conditions aren't met. Just clicking "ok" may or may not be sufficient.

Example, x can contract y to kill a person for cash. Assuming the paperwork is proper and consideration is given, it's illegal to break the contract right?

No, obviously the law supersedes this contract. As for Sony's contract with you, well who the hell knows, I'm not a seasoned IP lawyer, I'm just saying don't drink the kool aid just because some big corporation is trying to scare you.

#7 - JeffJ - 284w ago
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
I still think its just a side effect of capitalist culture. Its not necessarily how it should go (not black and white) but it is what they have found will protect the companies income

A side effect that has serious legal penalties if you breach it and they pursue you.

#6 - JesusFMA - 284w ago
JesusFMA's Avatar
Wow, all of this because of the word "Illegal" ha ha. I think that word make sense for people in CydoniaX's position. When you are in charge of something, you stipulate some sort of rules, which people are meant to respect. When they don't, it's OK to say illegal, 'cause their actions are against that rules.

Now, are not "illegal" actions that it's going to put them in jail, but definitely will have all kind of consequences and its own "punishments".

Anyway, the main thing is that people should be more careful with the information they share and, obviously, use the common sense a lot more. I mean, giving your PSN ID and password, is the same thing as giving your mail and password to some stranger, would you do that? .... I won't.


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