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PlayStation Branded PS3 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Incoming

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166w ago - Today Sony has announced news of a PlayStation branded PS3 keyboard and mouse controller slated for release on November 2, 2011.

Manufactured by HORI, the Tactical Assault Commander 3 peripheral set will sells for 9800 ($127 US) and is officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

To quote: "The Tactical Commander 3 consists of an optical right-handed mouse and a keypad for the left hand with WASD-style keys. The pad also includes an easy-access D-Pad comes attached with a palm rest.

Tracking resolution on the optical mouse is unclear, but it's doubtful that the mouse can match the capabilities of a true gaming mouse for the PC. However, the mouse will come equipped with a DPI/sensitivity toggle for more precise aiming.

Sony has not yet announced what games it plans to support with the peripherals at this time. It's curious to see if the company plans to offer mouse and keyboard support for first person shooters like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, which would undoubtedly benefit from the precision offered by the peripherals."

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#13 - SwordOfWar - 166w ago
SwordOfWar's Avatar
This is a ripoff! Don't get caught dead paying $100+ for this cheap piece of crap!

Look: amazon.com/Eagle-Mouse-Keyboard-Converter-Playstation-3/dp/B0040UAYI4

Seriously, they have had a converter for a long time now. You simply use the adapter (which costs like $50) and you can use a USB keyboard and mouse with any game you want. You can remap the standard controller buttons to the mouse/keyboard as you see fit.

So, if you guys already have a USB mouse and keyboard laying around, you only need 50 bucks to get up and running, and you will be able to use better hardware (better mouse and an actual full button layout keyboard).

That is only one example, there are other third party adapters and custom keyboards/mice that work with the PS3 and the FPS games on it. This is a very sad design by Sony and it's insanely overpriced for what you're getting in my opinion.

#12 - jesterking1 - 166w ago
jesterking1's Avatar
Actually, it's my understanding that only about 10% of the worlds population is left handed. So it would really make no sense for the company to make this "left handed". It would make better sense for a left handed person to learn how to use a right handed peripheral. It is also my understanding that this peripheral (and others like it) are fully customizable.

So you can map the keys to anywhere you want...

#11 - barrybarryk - 166w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
Cable from the Mouse goes to the keyboard bit, the cable from the keyboard goes to the PS3's USB slot. ATM it's priced at £89.99 for UK and $99.00 for US on pre-orders.

The reason it's different from using a regular keyboard and mouse is that only a handful of games support a regular keyboard and mouse (UT3 is the only one I know of even) and this has re-mappable buttons (probably via a PSN download or maybe through some PC software). There's still no word if the PS3 just detects it as a sixaxis/dualshock though so old games might still be out of the question without an update.

#10 - cfwprophet - 166w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
But maybe the cables of the mice go to the psydo keyboard and that will be connected to the mini usb port of the wireless ps3 dualshock controller. Than it would work for maybe as good as every game and you still dont have a 1-2 meter cable connected to the console.

#9 - barrybarryk - 166w ago
barrybarryk's Avatar
The kind of people who spend £127 on a controller to get an advantage won't want a wireless one, the lag is noticeable at that level. Also pretty sure most left handed people still have the mouse in their right hand, I know I do.


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